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Stranded 5 Points

Complete the tutorial to begin your journey.

Lost and Found 10 Points

Find all the lost items.

Modular Design 10 Points

Pimp out your ride with all possible modules.

Upgrade Started 10 Points

Upgrade one of your sub-systems.

Midpoint 25 Points

Complete 10 Objectives.

Unearth 25 Points

Uncover all the buried items.

Game Complete 50 Points

Find all the Alien artifacts to complete the 'story'.

Upgrade Complete 100 Points

Upgrade all sub-systems to their maximum levels.

Author Comments

Explore and mine minerals! Visit alien planets and mine for the resources you need to upgrade yourself and your ship. Features procedurally generated levels and an object-based crafting system for upgrades. Find 18 artifacts to unlock all story pieces and finish the game, or keep playing to get all the upgrades.

Inspired by MotherLoad, this is an RPG-like spin-off. You won't be disappointed!

Arrow keys or WASD to move
Double press on Up key for double jump
Space or Shift - press and hold to dig
Enter - teleport
Space - enter ship
x - close tutorial window

Updates in v 1.43:

- add split option for resources
- bigger item capacity for higher upgrade levels
- fix some bugs
- lowered some item prices

Updates in v1.44

- lower Fragile Frame price

- fix: now you can also get small lava globule from lava pockets
- bugFix: you no longer die when a gas geyser explodes using dynamite
- in the Research tab you can see all items now, even objects you don't own yet (should make a lot more sense now)


Added Medals!


This game is awsome and the way you ended the game leaves the possiblity of a sequel!

@utley: you need to find all the artifacts (6 at around every depth interval of 50) to backtrack to their planet of origin to complete the game.

I believe this is the best mining game I've ever played. Thinking back on my experience playing it, I find no glaring issues with the game. The game play is great, and the plot is delightfully mysterious and suspenseful (especially the ending). Please make a sequel as soon as you can.

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I enjoyed the game, finished it and got all upgrades/achievements.

Making the higher level upgrades might have been tedious but I wrote a script to tell me exactly what I have to mine and build to get the upgrade, so I could just go straight through the cargo bay making the required quantity of each item instead of having to backtrack. Worked great.

However, I do wish that there was one last quest after getting all upgrades, so I can test the capabilities of my fully upgraded vehicle. I got the last 5 upgrades all at once and never used them. It would be nice if the final planet was actually a mining trip instead of just a video.

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Kesuli wrote:
warning: dont play this game, its just a cheap rip off of the minecraft and megaminer game!
WTF does this have at all do to with minecraft? That POC is nothing like this game. Did you even play it?

Megaminer? garbage compared to this. And even that was a rip-off of Motherload.... WHICH THE AUTHOR GAVE CREDIT TO!

Back to Glean,
This was awesome and a tribute to the motherload theme. I really hope you make another. I love these kinds of games.

I really wish you would add a (mix all) button or (mix 10) or (mix 100) button. I think I must have made about 300 screws by the end, and near the end I was making batches of 50 at a time.

I also found it frustrating getting some of the recepies, and I found the ending rather weak... like you were setting up for a chapter two but didn't finish it.

Anyway, loved it. Please make another.

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I thought this was a great mining game! I preferred that rigorous research/crafting of parts to the regular 'get the better mineral to upgrade further'. And the planet hopping was a nice touch too! I must insist on more!
I will say the items for fuel refills/auto repairs were a little redundant since you could just build a teleporter and pop up and refill/repair at no charge (and that wasn't very often mind you, basically whenever my inventory was full)

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Credits & Info

4.49 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2012
5:39 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG