Yoshi's Survival Island

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Yoshi has crashed onto a small island. It's only inhabitants are a Goomba named Goombob and a Reznor named Rhinzo. Yoshi will need to eat to survive and earn money by selling things you've dug up at the digsite!

Controls are explained in game. You must survive for ten days. Each day is 5 minutes so total gameplay is 50 Minutes. Please note that saving does not save what Item you have. When you load the game you will have full HP and Full Hunger. I personally recommend you beat this game in one sitting. I just like to have a save feature in all my games.

This is a little game I made just for fun. It was kind of a side project that was finished before the big project. It is highly inspired by Harvest Moon. The big project is a game I'm making with Muksmiduulit called "SaruWashiTako"

I made getting to Goombob easier. It was like impossible before.
Added a link to the guide

Anyway enjoy the game.


Nice to see your stuff is improving. Keep up the good work man!

Very easy, need more action

cackletta responds:

It's a game inspired by Harvest Moon. Not much action in those games lol

Meh... ok at first, seems retro and that, but turns out to be a bit crap. Sorry it's true...

cackletta responds:

Thanks for the review. I noticed it does get a bit dull, so I made the game fairly short.

kinda good music but, hunger does not seam life like and, being able to hold one item at a time is kinda wired most game make it so you can hold multiple items at once, also having it so one person buys and another sells it weird and, make it so they are closer to the dig site. I also do not know how to get food.

cackletta responds:

The Reznor at the shop sells an Apple. Also theres a bush at the left end of the world that grows one apple a day. When you have an Apple just press Z to eat it.
I might make a sequel with a bigger inventory and instead of an island it will probably be a town, just to make better possibilities and more NPCs
Also the reason one guy buys and another guy sells is because this was inspired by Harvest Moon, which I'm in love with.

Im really angry at this game the music sucks, i tried with fail to get to goombob and i cannot get up the steps. if possible make yoshi jump lower

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2.67 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2012
12:46 PM EDT
Adventure - Other