War Elephant

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Face hordes of the world's most vicious warriors as you lead your army to glory in your quest for the legendary axe!

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For gods sakes, can you people really not figure out the definition of an effing brawler???

The graphics are great.
Sound is another good thing.
The game requires choosing the wise decisions such as when upgrading your cavalry and stats.
You may also notice the fact that the upgrades make a large difference and the cheap costs make is also a good addition to it. And as GeneralPorkchop stated below, it is not as simple as crushing all your enemies all throughout the level just like that because if the melee users won't bring thee enemy down then the rangers will.

I rated this a '4', and I gave it 4 stars, because of these reasons.

-The graphical effects and sounds were realistic and fun to play with.
-There were various upgrade options that my elephants could pick from.
-The upgrades were noticeable, and well-balanced in both power and cost.
-I loved the fact that it took time to figure out a good upgrade pattern. The player can't just upgrade melee damage and watch as his or her elephants rampage through enemy lines, murdering all that lay before them. No, if the player does that, the elephants are killed by archer fire. This adds an element of difficulty to the already well-made game.
-I liked the feature of the vikings and archers - they helped the player a lot, and no mana meant I didn't have to grind to summon them over and over again.
-A limited number of lives stopped me from going AWOL and trying everything in one go. I was forced to think about my attacks, which is good.

-The storyline lacked effort and detail. It was not very original, and seemed a half-hearted attempt at creating atmosphere in the game.
-The game ended too abruptly, simply with a short message promising 'new adventures', which never came. I just had to play the same again, which was tedious and futile.
-More than three allied and enemy units would be nice - perhaps chariot archers, or flying units of mythology such as the Roc, which dropped boulders onto enemies from the sky and transported armies across seas. Hell, shove dinosaurs in there if you have to, but the game needs more content in general.

Like many games and flash cartoons I see here on NG, this piece has great potential. A sequel has many things to be added, definitely including a better storyline. But the game impressed me, as I am a huge fan of anything with upgrade systems (which you nailed, by the way). A good effort.


well is good when you have nothing to do

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4.38 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2012
6:35 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler