Cards Wars: TBS

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Cadet 5 Points

Cadet rank: just start the game

Lieutenant 5 Points

Lieutenant rank: earn 5% of the medals

Captain 10 Points

Captain rank: earn 25% of the medals

Major 25 Points

Major rank: earn 50% of the medals

Colonel 50 Points

Colonel rank: earn 75% of the medals

General 50 Points

General rank: earn 90% of the medals

Field Marshal 100 Points

Field Marshal rank: earn all the medals

Author Comments

Hello, Newgrounders!

Have you ever wanted to command an army of playing cards, just like in "Alice in Wonderland?" Now you can! GangOfGamers and General proudly present Cards Wars!

Send your card soldiers to battle and make them conquer countless lands for you in this turn-based strategy that is a unique mix of Risk and War, the classic card game.

Deploy your soldiers, capture territories, earn experience points and activate powerups. There are 22 levels of increasing difficulty and challenge which feature imaginary and real-world maps. And custom game mode offers you unlimited gameplay variety. There is a Hotseat multiplayer mode, too.

Deal yourself a winning army today!


The game is very cool,but in the end the opponent always get upper advantage,that leaded to some frustration.

As well,the specials will eventually have no effects.

GeneralVimes responds:

Tahnk you. Could you, please, describe the case when the specials had no effect?

started as a good game, gets fraudulent at the end, your opponent gest better cards, his specials work better( my specials more att and def never worked) change that anfd you have a good game

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GeneralVimes responds:

The defense and attack give +1 in attack and defense respectively. So, if the player sees your "8" with a shield he just won't attack it with "9", because he knows that he'll loose. He'll use "10" instead.

And the cards are random, but balansed. All the players as the game goes, receive the same number of weak and strong cards, only their distribution differs.

Anyway, I'll think of more ways of balansing the game and making it beter, thank you very much!

original idea, indeed a good game, but a very frustrating one.
im giving you 5 stars. Keep it up!

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GeneralVimes responds:

Thank you very much! I'll work on to make the sequel more interesting with some features which reviewers advice.

Fun but frustrating. I like it, the game is very addicting. It is very slow to play (perhaps a skip button would be nice) it also is annoying if you keep getting attacked repeatedly by all the comp players. This game would be more fun if the NPC's didn't swarm me.

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GeneralVimes responds:

Thank you. To speed-up the game, please, adjust the Animation speed and the Quick AI moves in the Settings (top-right corner of the screen).

And not only the human player, but any player, who grows too strong, will face the attacks of all the other computer players. So, pehaps, good strategy will be to wait for a right moment to expand.

Great game. Not my type of thing, but it's quite an original concept.

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GeneralVimes responds:

Thank you!

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3.79 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2012
1:57 AM EDT
Strategy - Other
  • Daily 3rd Place July 4, 2012