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Digimon: extreme soccer?

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So one day Veemon is practicing his soccer skills for his upcoming game the next day, but then his soccer practice turns into something more than practice.
Its turns into a fight for the ball, after ANOTHER VEEMON(ikr, another one?) stole from him

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now thats what i call soccer!

but seriously, how does everyone know how to make their sprites dragonball z style?

marti031 responds:

the fighting?

the concept is wtf.... but the actual animation works and such is totally killer

marti031 responds:

is that a good thing or a bad thing?

= Now in the industry we call that "Gotta Soccem'all"

Ever wanted to see, digimons play soccer? OF COURSE NOT! but you can here in this, what i can only describe is soccer without the goal post..... I guess they were improvising...
And i mean they take the whole soccer thing very seriously as if they're life depended on it....oh wait...

The Verdict
The presentation is decent, but also cheap using the same sprite to clone the opposition, also i question if these are even your sprites..
I enjoyed the pace the animation was driven at, giving out true potential and accurate coordination, Sound quality was decent, and the direction was action based, giving out a remarkable tool of good effects of background and foreground styles, for an enjoyable experience.

marti031 responds:


this was really good there was a lot of random events that occured and why was charmy there it was all brilliant but the animation was a little laggy but it was not that bad i really did enjoy this video in a nut shell

marti031 responds:

lol i know, but it was laggy? it must be your computer, also i was trying to make the ball hit something in the air but that was the only thing i could have thought of at the moment, plus I don't like charmy that much

Credits & Info

4.85 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2012
4:08 PM EDT