Wolf Equals Time

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UPDATE: Added music!

For the seventh Newgrounds Game Jam.
Theme: "Decide" or "Condense", "Decide" was chosen.

Concept and programming by Venks, story by Kentrey, music by samulis, and art by omegaFinal. A visual novel by Team Mangled Baby Ducks, which tackled the theme of selfishness vs. self-sacrifice.

Zita Crimson had one errand to do today, and that is to pick up her grandfather's medication and bring it to him immediately. But her good nature of helping people will take its toll this day as there are people along the way that need help. Now will she continue her urgent quest of aiding her ailing grandfather, or help others in need, knowing that time is against her?


1) You raised an interesting moral question, but the answer you offered was irritatingly black-and-white. Perhaps I'm just a complete bastard, but I fail to see why comforting a (supposedly) traumatized stranger should take priority over bringing my grandfather his life-saving medicine. Of course there's a good case for the alternate view, but I wish you'd shown both sides instead of assuming the accuracy of one.

2) The dialogue of the various characters 'in need' was a bit unrealistic, making them less sympathetic overall. The psycho mom in the last scene theoretically could exist, but her dialogue ("He-he-he...now you will get what you deserve") sounds like it should belong to a Bond villain, not an overexcited helicopter parent.


3) Personally, I didn't mind the lack of interactivity--it felt a bit like a visual novel.

4) The length seemed fine to me, actually. A short, elegant game is just fine if it's well done. To quote Callimachus, "A big book is a big problem."

I can't say I enjoyed this game very much. It's far too short. It would've been more interesting if you had a chance to speak more to the people you were around (like to the guy waiting for the ambulance), but you had no chance for that. Hearing one of the characters died got nothing but a "meh" out of me.

I also do not think the selfishness was potrayed well. Wanting to help another person (related to you or not) is not selfish. Refusing to stop and wait because someone grazed their leg is not selfish... If anything, you don't know if this person has a weapon or some ill intentions despite of the injury. If you're rushing off to save a life, I really don't see how not patting a grown persons back over a scratch is "selfish". If anything, you could've brought more attention to the girl passing. You could've shown how that man could wrongly potray her as a selfish individual - while we secretly knew she was rushing off to save a life. It could've been a nice story telling you not to judge a book by it's cover. A person being "selfish" in front of you might be doing so for the "greater good" (to save it's child, grandparent, pet, or what not).

This is one of many examples I could make with the game... but it comes down to this:
- The story is too short and not at all interactive.
- The story is too shallow and predictable, there's nothing to gain an emotion responce.

All in all, it was rather boring and a lot of improvement can be made. I really got interested while reading the description, but was let down as I played...
</end rant>

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omegafinal responds:

In fairness. This was made in part of a 72-hour game jam. Although, this part I can only say for myself. I wished we had more communication from the storytelling front, like I wanted something geared more simple, rather than something so black and white, and so in your face in the end, while retaining the same premise.

it's amazing at how self absorbed we become with ourselves and yet you made a perfect example of hope in a world gone wrong. god bless you.

I tried all combinations, but it seems that you only have time to help one person out of the four. But the last two people will die if you don't help them. To realize that your actions will lead to at least one person's death, no matter what, is pretty depressing. The two endings are just as bad imo, but I don't see how the ending of saving your grandfather is considered as a worse choice to make compared to being too late, especially if you could never have known that ignoring those people leads to their deaths. Ahh well.

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There was a lot of reading and I don't like how the medal says it was selfishness to save your grandfather's life :( either way it is saving someones life.

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omegafinal responds:

Well to be fair, it is considered "selfish" since that is what you, the character, wanted in the end, and disregard everyone else. Then again, I didn't write the story.

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3.43 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2012
12:00 AM EDT
Adventure - Other