Dropping Loads in a Cave

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This is Team TheInternetIsForPorn's submission for NG Game Jam 7! For crying out loud, just press some buttons!

For our core mechanic, we had to choose between lighten and launch. We picked lighten. Originally it was going to be about lighting torches but we ended up going with this.


Uh, this game mostly confused me. I dropped stuff and couldn't touch the top. That was it. This just seemed too nonsensical to be enjoyable. That's not how a game should be. I guess it was at least unique.

It's still hard to like for me. The graphics probably could have been better. I guess the colors were okay. It's just not rewarding. It made little sense.

TharosTheDragon responds:

This was made in just a few days for a game jam, if you weren't aware.

You drop stuff and can't touch the top, yes. But you also can't touch the bottom or any obstacles. You also try to collect bag bubbles. You also try to hit pedestrians for extra points.

heh. reminds me of something... cna't remember what though. Being 30 years old with asperger's and add doesn't really affect it much- just ensures it and adds spice; I've always been like this. HOWEVER I did manage to remember Mancopter. That was killer. Loved it.

TharosTheDragon responds:

Being 30 years old with asperger's and add doesn't really affect what much?

From the title, I thought this was going to be a variation on "don't shit your pants" at first. I was pleasantly surprised though. The game is decently polished and requires a bit of skill.

And oh god, dat music.

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TharosTheDragon responds:

Thank you. The title is supposed to be weird and uncomfortable. I pride myself on the polishing in terms of keeping my games bug-free. It may be crap, but at least it runs the way it's supposed to.

The music actually was one of the first things we got and it was so good that when the mood of the art turned out to be much darker than the mood of the music I threw a hissy fit and demanded the art be changed.

I understand (or imagine) what you and the rest of the team were trying to accomplish, and it was done in a retro style way with both controls and "feel" (that being music, art style). What I don't like is how you just throw the player right into the game with no explanation of how to control your character. Sure, the story is kinda cute, but at least put in some effort on trying to make it match the rest of the art style in-game.

I liked how you allowed people to play with whatever button they liked.

I think your enemies are a bit non-intuitive though. When players see a smiling sun-like thing, they're inclined to grab it only to find out it's an enemy.

Some more things to collect/powerups would have been nice too.

I felt the game moved pretty slow though. With how the player was basically only pressing a button every 2-3 seconds. It just felt like a slow version of the helicopter game.

I did have fun though! So props on finishing a nice little game.

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TharosTheDragon responds:

It's a sun! You don't fly into the sun!

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3.81 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2012
11:17 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid