Burn versus Freeze

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Light in Sight 5 Points

Secure the Shiran base

Success at Pyrogrounds 5 Points

Drive ice out of Huodi

Raging Fires 10 Points

Recapture Liehuo

Burning on the Inside 25 Points

Burn through Northern Yanxin

A Glorious Victory 50 Points

Defeat the Ice at Huoshi and win the war

Author Comments

Hi! This is our humble entry for the seventh Newgrounds Game Jam. We formed a team after the Jam started. In this game, you play as the King of the Fire Kingdom and must resist the Ice invasion.

For more information related to the Game Jam (such as our Core Mechanics Diagram), please click on the Game Jam icon on the menu screen in-game. Enjoy!

Here's another version of the instructions which looks at the game from a different perspecitve if the one in-game was not clear enough.:

The objective of the game is to use fire units to destroy all ice units on the screen. Fire and ice units take turn to move.

Every turn, the unit will grow in strength. The strength is shown by the number on the unit. The increase depends on the material of the square which the unit is on. Fire increases three on wood, two on bricks and one on stone; ice increases three on stone, two on bricks and one on wood.

To move a unit, you need to choose a neighbouring square. To stay, simply click on the current square or the skip button below. If you move to a square with a hostile unit, the one with greater strength will remain on the square. However, its strength will decrease by the strength of the defeated unit. If you move to a square with a friendly unit, the two units will combine to form a unit whose strength is the sum of the two original units.

Controls: Mouse only

PS Our team doesn't have a musician, so AP music was used.

1/7 20.45 NGT: OK, level buttons have been fixed. I hope it gets updated soon! - FC

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The problem is there is zero strategy to this in some stages. Or, rather, there is a strategy, but the optimal strategy for *both* sides is defensive and let the other side attack. So you can sit there forever waiting for the computer player to make a stupid move.

Obviously since you're versing a computer player, they can just retreat or remain as they are every single turn.

Even baiting the computer player doesn't work as you can put someone weak near their guys hoping they'll give chase and often they don't, or they'll decide to retreat.

So the problem is you have here a strategy game which has no winning strategy and no means to force the game to progress in the case of these endless stalemates. Maybe if after x amount of turns no side has won, give the win to the player, to force the computer to actually do something other than just retreat and hold.

Amusing game

There was a lot of good things to like about your effort here, the main part had to be the concept and design of the whole game, And to be honest with you i thought this was entertaining and fun even exciting, There is good things about this, and in a way it was rather unique. Now heres a game that i was impressed with, the size alone was very impressive, if you can make a fun game with just a small size like that, then you have my vote. ok so this game was kind of like chess, i like it and there was some interest, but got boring after abut maybe because of the turn based style, maybe if you added more to it like some enhancments and some effects, and even some bonus games in there. The power of creativity is in all of us, and you have show-casedyour creativity here in this flash game, you have brought some smiles and joy inckuding lots of fun entertainment to the portal keep it up.

Seemed like an alright game. It is definitely fun, and entertaining but there is obviously room for improvement here and there. So this is where i may suggest some possible polish points and some other areas that can be polished up. Making this more interesting with some mini bonus games and some extra effects and elements to the game to give it more of an entertaining value.

FlyingColours responds:

Thanks a lot for the review! We'll definitely remember the points you brought up. -FC

simple and fun, id like to see the idea expanded and maybe even give us the players the change to play as the ice, id love to see what can be done to make a second version

FlyingColours responds:

Thanks for the review! We just might make a second instalment in the future, but there aren't any plans yet. :)

Overall a very good game, my overall favourite from Game Jam 7.

Once you get the hang of it, it can be quite addictive. As mentioned before, the AI tends to make the game difficult via it's often refusal to go on the offensive, which is fine in most levels other than level 30 (the final one). It took me about 2 hours to beat it due to the AI bug.

Some sound effects would have been nice. Once thing worth mentioning, when the players indicate 3xx the "3" is sometimes hard to make out.

I would like to see a sequel to this game.

FlyingColours responds:

Thanks for the rating and review! I agree that the AI is a very big problem. There wasn't too much time for a brighter AI and the AI is something on which I'd like to work...

AI seems rather weak, wont attack me or combine its own tiles, but given the time time period I understand the limitations..... it'd just be nice lol im stoned

FlyingColours responds:

Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

2.57 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2012
7:05 PM EDT
Strategy - Other