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Ultimate Asssasin 3: LP

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Level Pack features 25 new level designs & 65 new missions.


Be an ultimate assassin in this stealth game. In every level, your mission is to kill the target and leave the place without getting killed by the guards. You have 2 special abilities: speed and invisibility. You have to think fast and use the environment to succeed.

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As good as the original game... but nothing new.
Why not adding some elements for diferent gameplay, for example a way to drag/hide the murdered bodies?

Great game! I made a playthrough of it. here's the link, in case you are interested: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoWKKp2zy3o&feature=youtu.be>

This game was really good! Of course, I've liked the whole series. My only real complaint is that each of the games are basically the same. The graphics haven't changed much, from what I can tell, and the controls are all the same. If you could add a little variety, that would be pretty awesome! Maybe give the next one a plot, or some other characters/abilities. Just a thought. Thanks for the game!

Okay, this Ultimate Assassin game is almost the exact same game as the other two previous ones. The new missions don't make much of a difference, since the gameplay feels old and stale from when i first played the original game. Another problem is that the game is too easy, though i'm quite sure the finale levels are more challenging and maybe intense, there is no way to skip levels and i'm forced to play the boring mediocre levels, which is a problem since i enjoy a hard challenge. Now if you going to make Ultimate Assassin game once more add some variety. Maybe more abilities rather than running and going invisible? Different types of guards like snipers,shot gunners and even possibly guard dogs? Then how about when a guard is alerted he could call in reinforcements?Even missions where it's dark and vision is obscured? Any ideas like that could improve this game exponentially. Anyways all this game needs is new interesting gameplay elements, that work properly and this could a very good game.

will you people shut up about not being able to kill the guards? you never have been able to in this game,and never will

oh and great game,keep em coming

This is shit,you should be able to kill the guards!