Scroll Lock

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Spike Avoider 5 Points

Get a score of 300

Laser Runner 10 Points

Get 50m away from the laser

Spike Ninja 25 Points

Get a score of 999

Laser Marathonist 50 Points

Get 128m away from the laser

Scroll Locker 100 Points

Master the use of the Scroll Lock key (score of 1500)

Author Comments

Scroll Lock. Who would have guessed that the once most useless piece of plastic in your keyboard would be a TRUE SAVIOR OF STICKMEN!? This game was created to grant the wish of many users that felt bad for the forever alone Scroll Lock key.

Instructions: Press Scroll Lock to lock the scrolling. That's it!
Oh, and avoid the crushing spikes. AND the deadly laser on your tail!

M - Mutes
Note: if your Scroll Lock key has suffered from atrophy due to lack of use (or your Apple keyboard has already condemned it to oblivion), spacebar does the job too - but you'll miss half the fun!

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woohoo 1500

wow that was surprisingly super fun and the music i did not get sick of so great work my highest score is 754 loli was like nooo 150 more points for that big achievement lol i just gave up i think i cant do it i am not so good with avoiding games

I don't know if it's a newer version of Firefox or a newer version of the Flash player, but unfortunately pressing the Scroll Lock key no longer works for this game. I know it did used to work on this computer. Fortunately game author had the insight to allow alternatives (spacebar and left mouse click).

yyou can also left click

Simple, yet addicting game (for obtaining medals). Only rated this a "4" because of the "Submit Score" screen. Maybe have it set up so you press another key to activate it?

Tinnus responds:

That's completely fair and something I hadn't thought of yet, thanks! I guess it would be OK enough if there was a button to activate the score submission dialog, and it only showed automatically if your score improved?

Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2012
11:58 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid