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Shao Kahn Party 2

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Thanks for frontpage! First of all, grab some drink, a good pillow in your back and relax, the movie is long. Take a piss too, if you are 30 minutes waiting to go to the bathroom, but you keep telling yourself ''just a little bit more''...

Well, aparently, in Mortal Kombat real world, Cyrax don't fight for his clan, nah it's too boring, he prefers having his own show called ''Realm Show with Cyrax Letterman'', and in tonight show he's having Liu Kang, Sub-Zero and Kung Lao, to tell about their last adventure together, envolving movie tramas, swearing, deleted dance scenes(only in the extras), and Shao Kahn new night club, and maybe, but just mayyybe, some Barney plot.
This movie also explain the real story of how Cyrax got traped into the desert.

My comments: First, I need to say something, TOASTYYY! I mean, Flash screwed up with me, it has a 16000 frames limit, and I had to delete some scenes, and one of them, was the Kung Lao dance, so yeah, s***! Click in the EXTRAS button to watch it though...
The Facebook Fan Page button inst working cause I don't have, but if you create one, contact me and I'll put the link there, grateful!
Ahm, in my site I put a download area if you want to upload this movie into your youtube channel... Just remember to credit me, please :) (it's not working yet)
If there's any graphic or sound bug, please comment about it, you know, it's a long movie, might appear some flaws...
And I can't leave without saying Thanks to Newgrounds, I really like this place!

In the credits has every voice actor and every song I used. Thank you guys! This movie are yours!

And please, review and vote :)

It's good to you watch the first part :)

Ahm, enjoy :)


Fucking epic

I agree with dargoon, WTF!?! Most of the shit doesn't even make sense and heres one reason why, Kung lao is married to Sonya wtf I thought Johnny cage liked her. And why put Justin Bieber in there, he just ruined your whole fucking movie and barney to, the fucks wrong with you were on crack or just plain weed I mean what the hell the movie is fucked up with random shit that doesn't even make any sense. I'll give you one thing you actually put decent songs in there but I'm still confused on the movie part, all in all I guess this movie wasn't that bad, the nostalgia critic reviewed worse wad's of shit then this and thats really saying, as a matter of fact I just gave you a complement I hope you like your complement and make a movie that actually makes sense.

Alucard responds:

I don't think I'll do something that makes sense someday man :)


Absolutely favourite :)


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3.90 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2012
9:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody