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Spell Sword Beta

rated 2.89 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Jun 30, 2012 | 8:23 PM EDT

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Monster Dash 10 Points 20 Mobs Gone
Slayer 10 Points 35 Mobs Gone
Heartless 25 Points 90 Mobs Gone,You're A Proffesional
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Author Comments

Arrow Keys to move
C - Atack,Action
I - Inventory
X - Jump
Z - Speed Up
Up Button for opening chests

That's a Beta Release to know if people will like it,if it will be good i will make an full rpg game with all features, if not it will remain a beta...I'm a simple man making games without any if the game is not gonna make a rush i don't see a path on going further...



Rated 3 / 5 stars


The art reminds me of GBA, or NES. But the gameplay? Defo' SNES.

Jump's too low, it's somewhat slow and laggy, and ... I keep fighting through the red slimes over and over ... only 2 types of monsters in the Beta, I'm guessing? Or did I not reach far enough?

I don't think the Green slimes were meant to hurt. Maybe it's a training? I believe so, and so does my friend who tried this game out too.

Regarding the controls, it's very emulator-ish. Plus, there weren't any instructions on what key is what 'cept at the Author's comment. An interactive tutorial would be nice in the completed version!

About the equipments, like Coordinatez had said, it's unnecessary to require the player equipping the sword - it put me off a little to be honest, haha. How about starting the game with "An Old Sword", "Rusty Sword", "Knife", or something like, "Bamboo Stick"? I don't know, something organic, I suppose? Haha.

About the game itself, don't forget to include 'Save'. It's very important! So do include that feature in your completed version, okay? And plot! Input an interesting story - a generic plot would do - anything is better than the aimless hack slash in the beta. Shops, too - I mean, that's what the Gems and Golds are for, right?

Levelling system + Skills would be sweet. I know there's the 'Level Up!' thing, but my friend and I cannot seem to find the Stats window - is there even one in the Beta...? Just another suggestion; using colour codes is nice, but it'd make it clearer if you mention, in the game itself, which bar represents what gauge. "Green for Health, Blue for Mana, Purple for ... EXP?"

The sound/music is cute - but I think it's better to add in some more different background music for different scenes/levels. Monotone is not a friend. Also, my friend suggested to add in the "Turn On/Off Sound" option - I second that.

Art - 3.5 stars (bright coloured, nostalgic pixelated sprites)
Gameplay - 3 stars (dullness sank in due to the absence of a plot)
Controls - 3 stars (somewhat clumsy, with some lagness - which could be on my side)
Sound - 4 stars
Overall - 3 stars (3.3 stars)

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Kind of a Mario Bros, NES style side scroller RPG.

It's got a fun factor though it's simple. The retro graphics could be cool or a turn off depending on your audience.

I understand it's a beta. Here are my suggestions.

- the game controls took a while to figure out. I know you have it listed on your NG author comments section but I would HIGHLY suggest a pop up bubble or a small HUD at the bottom of the screen that always tells your players that arrows move "C" - attacks etc.
- having to equip the sword in the beginning is unnecessary. Just start your game with the sword equipped or have a tutorial explain that right up front. It took me like 2 levels to figure that out. Better yet, have the sword in a treasure box and as soon as you get it, have a tutorial tell you to equip it.
- The jump height seems too low to me. You also need to explain to users that in order to get to higher areas, they need to do a running jump.
- I echo what others have said regarding lots of "bugs" in the game. The first level doesn't allow the slimes to hurt you. And it appeared that a few other things weren't working properly as well. I only played the first couple of levels.
- I think your menu design could use some work too. It was extremely basic once inside the inventory. There didn't appear to be any way to "exit" and the game froze. Again, bad tutorials are to blame as are "bugs" in your game.
- There isn't any story line. You just have a random hero in a side scroller world. You need to engage your audience more or they will get bored quickly.

Best of luck.


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Rated 5 / 5 stars

i have it for my iphone and its the best game ever


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This could potentially be a really cool game..
There are a few bugs:
1: When you open the inventory and go down to select weapons, the music stops.
2: At some points in the game you are hovering above the ground instead of walking on it.
3: The biggest one (which was was i stopped playing) was after the game loaded up a new screen (I don't know after how many screens it was, but it was after getting the exc leather hat), I just fell through the ground. After that i couldn't do anything.
I hope to see a full version of this game at some point, cause it was fun while it lasted :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

a really good game
the sound dont lisent all time like a bug
the inventory is rare
if you can put atack when are moving,that going to be perferct
when open a box dont say what you recieve
and put other maps in the back or something :D