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60second Space Amazon

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AcetheSuperVillain's entry for the Mochi June2012 60 Second Gameplay Competition! (hence the whole 60 second thing) I had been working on a Space Amazon brawler anyways, and decided to go for it. If you like it enough, I might make a full game out of it, but I'm getting kind of tired of these guys.

Defeat as many robots as you can in 60 seconds. Adjust character, gun type and game speed to find your winning combination.

P = Pause -> Q = Quit to title

Arrow Keys= Walk, >> = Run/BackDash, F = Jump;
>>, F = Long Jump, F, >>; = AirDash;
D = Attack (Combo) D... = Heavy Attack (hold) <D = Turning Attack >>D = Running Attack F,>>D / >> F, D = Dash Attack

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i like it :D

Dunno how to feel about this honestly.

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

yeah. It was a big leap in my beat 'em up engine and artistic abilities. But the big graphics made Flash crash every couple hours while I was working on it. I wanted to go a lot further with this concept, but I was so frustrated with it that I just couldn't bear to continue.

I agree with other guys, some opponents are too dificult. Balancing could be resolved by adding a shield button. The art direction is fine and doesn't need much work.

I recommend.



I think it's quite a bit of intricacies jam-packed into 60 seconds, with the two characters, and the different weapons. It's fairly easy, except for the red guy - he's kinda hard to beat.

So you've added your voice. Probably want to have each voice play once when you're going through the menus, and maybe turn down the volume on them a bit. You added every voice except a "time's up!", haha!

Regarding the moves: In your full brawler games, I tend to mix them up a lot more, but in 60 seconds, I'm pretty much just mashing whatever I press to attack, and not worrying to much about key combinations (prolly why I'm having trouble wit the red guys. (: ).

I also like how the characters turned out, and the animations. (:

- Ziro out.

AcetheSuperVillain responds:


I'm surprised you find the red Boxer Robos to be the hard ones. I definitely find them to be the easiest since they don't shoot.

Yeah, I did mean to add "time's up" but I forgot. Like I said, tired.

Regarding the moves: I think it's not just the 60 second limit. These characters aren't as well planned as usual, and since I've been mostly struggling with image sizes and timer codes, they haven't received their due post-planning attention either.