Balloon Balloon Die

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This is my balloon shooting game.

Update 1.1:
-Newgrounds Preloader
-Intro at Preloader
-Options Menu
-Extras Menu
-Gamemode Select(Frenzy mode or Mission Mode)
-Sound Volume Slider
-Quality Buttons
-Credits Page
-6 achievements
-3 missions in Mission Mode

Continuation of this project has been cancelled, no more updates will be made.


Well the colours are bould, the game seems good.

Pivot4 responds:

I've spent 8 hours today adding lots of stuff.
Tommorrow I'll update version 1.1.
It will have much more stuff.
I believe you will like it, so come search this game, like in 14 hours and there should be a new version out by then, search at top right bar: balloon balloon die.

It's not a bad start at all. Everything works properly. The gun, firing, etc. look great. The background may need some work though. The green balloons are really small, I didn't notice them until halfway. Maybe make them easier to see, and maybe bigger in size? Also, you have some clipped edges throughout. Overall, this is the start of a decent game. Also, using this setup you have here seems like it would work well as a shooter game, not just a game for score.

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Pivot4 responds:

Thank you.
I might make the background animated.
The green balloons are really small because they are hard to get. It says that if you click help.
The reason i made it so small was because they are rare, hard to get, they give you 50 POINTS!!!
But if you are having trouble with getting even one green balloon click Stretch Game, its on the top of the game. Btw, I can make a fps shooter, even being able to walk(i figured out how to do it), like any fps game like, Call of duty, combat arms, BattleField, etc, but i can't be stuffed.

The reaction to the mouse is working nicely. I realize the tiny balloons at the third time playing, kind of hard to get them though. I would like to see the new features later, I will make sure to check it. Good job!

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Pivot4 responds:

I'm actually working on the game right now, I don't want to spoil to much so i will just say a tiny bit about the menu.
The menu now has 7 buttons: Options, Extras, Help, Play: Select Gamemode, and the one you already know, Frenzy mode.

Good idea but... balloons? It fells like BTD with guns... its an O.K game...

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2.61 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2012
7:13 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person