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Crazed Bat People

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Author Comments

Just goes to show, the darkest most occultisty of peoples, can sometimes have even darker, kosherer secrets....

A spell of eye ball, magic sand dust stuff, BATteries, baseball BAT, and a smaller pot, will yield a powerful magic, turning you and your fellow members into CRAZED BAT PEOPLE! (ooOOOooOOOoOOOoooOOOoo!)

My first attempt at writing a full script first, then recording voice before animating.

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Your sound quality and script were excellent! I liked the expressions and voice acting, and your drawings and animation kept up. Also, you kept it short and to the point.

Props for remembering that cultism is a lifestyle choice, and you should know all the facts about what you're getting into before trying to bring about the end of the world or turning yourselves into abominations against God and nature. Make sure you're on the same page as your fellow cultists!

falling responds:

Thank you for the comments! And yeah, it is supposed to be funny but really, it is a public service announcement as well. Be aware of your fellow cultists!

Okay for a first attempt at voice recording and script writing. The voices needed to be louder and have more expression. The script felt dull, such as the main bat's logic was weak and the other bats just made obvious statements. I aware that this is probably just practice, but next time make the story longer so the viewer gets more into it.

falling responds:

Well hold on a sec, a apreciate the tips, but if it was quiet then you could turn it up... And I don't understand the problem with logic? The fact that he didn't know how all the other bats felt was part of the joke. And the obvious statements? The situation would usually consist of ravenous demonic creatures devouring humans, but the irony lied in how un obvious it ended up being, that they were actually uninterested in the cliche. I will work on making longer toons in the future though, thats something I've been told.

Skyrim Dawnguard in a nutshell here. Congratulations on being the first one to parody it.

Kidding aside a nice little short. I especially liked the bat squeak after now we feed.

falling responds:

That squeak was meant to instil FEAR!

jajajaja cool video jeje

falling responds:

Thank you senor.

"Well I thought we were all going to be fruit bats" I love it!

falling responds:

Yay it's quotable! Thank you :)