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Wigman Big Run

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Travel through the world to find a biggest fridge. Here you can find many upgrades , bonuses and FUN!

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Pretty great, actually. The intro is charming.

great game, boring music.......

I was taken in by the slick graphics, so I initially voted better on this. But now, at the...what, fifth, sixth boss? It's suddenly had a massive uptick in difficulty, and there's a major problem.

A key concept in upgrade games is that if you're losing, then you should be gathering the points necessary to upgrade to a winning level for yourself. This is CRITICAL. I have Crystal power maxed out and I've got the rainbow breath weapon. To upgrade AT ALL for dealing with this boss will cost me 800...um...coins?

Anyway, the point is that I can gather maybe a dozen of these a go--twenty if I'm flying like a god, luck out and find some free-floating coins with some food, don't get killed by the boss, and don't get mauled by a projectile that takes away as many as five hit points in an instant. The interludes between fighting the boss are brutal enough already when I'm trying to avoid hitting anything, but apparently the answer is to spend my precious hit points clipping stationary objects.

I'm usually not. There's room for punishing people who play poorly, but right now the game is punishing me for playing.

The concept is all right, and it runs smoothly enough, but that's a serious problem in the gameplay that needs to be addressed.


there should be medals for this awsome game it is a good game