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Solo (NATA)

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Hello, Newgrounds! First, I should give credit where credit is due:
Thanks to Christopher Bingham (you probably know him as Bing) for letting me use his wonderful music in this video. I highly recommend that you check out more of his music at highfivespaceship.bandcam p.com. There's some awesome stuff there.
Thanks to the voice actors who helped me out with this project! It was great working with you guys!

Well, this video is another step away from my comfort zone. The story wasn't some huge social metaphor or anything, and there isn't any deeper meaning in this one. To fit with this round's NATA theme, "a true companion", I made it about a boy and his imaginary friend. I hope that it wasn't too difficult to understand, though, because although it is more literal this time, it is probably just as surreal, if not more so, especially when the friend helps the boy retreat into his mind.

This was the first video I made since early 2010 that had voice actors other than my sister and I. The extra effort of bringing microphones into school and getting people in a room to be quiet while recording is worth the end result, I think. Of course, people weren't entirely quiet, so you can hear some bits and pieces of other people talking behind the actual voices. This is because I did the recording of the protagonists' voices in my crowded computer science class (the only location where I had access to both my voice actors and a computer at the same time.) Hopefully I can organize things better next time so that doesn't happen. I should mention that the voice of the teacher is Kpheeyat's, a Newgrounds user, and he's a great voice actor and if anyone needs voice work, I'd recommend him!

As far as style goes, I tried doing more frame-by-frame than in previous videos and, for the most part, I tried to not be lazy. It turned out pretty well in the end. I had intended to draw some of the frames on paper and scan them, but due to technical difficulties with my cameras and scanner, that didn't happen for this video. Maybe next time. I did try working in Toon Boom for this one, which was nice, and allows for some more complicated and interesting visuals than Flash typically allows.

Anyway, a lot of effort went into this. I hope you like it!


nice but depressing.

Its seems someone animated my life story!
(Except for the second half)

Pahgawk responds:

Haha, well, I'm glad you only relate to the first half, I guess!

I really like the animation style and the story. Thank you.

It was good work. I loved the emotionless tone of the guide - and the subtle way in which he destroyed the boy (or saved him?) And the music was excellent. Could've been longer, more detailed maybe. But that's barely an issue.

Pahgawk responds:

I guess the thing with working within the time constraints of NATA is that I never have the time to polish everything until I like it and still manage to keep my life normal. I'd like to say that I'd get back to this project later, but realistically, I can't promise that because I know that I won't look back. Hopefully my experience making this will help me out for the next one. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

marred by deplorable voice acting, a disgustingly clashy set of two uncooperative art styles, an annoying and ridiculously non-ambient sound track, pointless story..

the list of things that are weak about this crappy submission goes on. i won't waste my time writing it.

nor will i finish this video.

good day.

Pahgawk responds:

I think I'm still trying to transition from having the music be the main focus and drive to just being a background element, and I'll admit that I didn't get it right this time. I do, however, always try to have some sort of point whenever I make a video these days, so perhaps if you watched the movie through to the conclusion it would be a different story. But then again, if I wasn't able to keep your attention until that point, it is my fault. I'm in a stage where I'm experimenting with style, so maybe next time around it will look more pleasing.

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Jun 29, 2012
8:38 AM EDT