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This game is a contribution to "Connect the dots" games, I love to play in magazines in my childhood. You are connecting dots in the game to balance the graph and see the resulted shapes from connecting dots.

How to play:
Your aim is to connect the nodes of the graph so all nodes have value of zero. To connect nodes just draw a line (using mouse) from first node to the second node. To delete link between nodes, Just draw line the cut through the link.

Mouse: Do everything

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Excellent Challenge for a Simple Concept.

Like your other game, "Don't Push the Button," I admire this game for its focus on challenge rather than graphics. The puzzles themselves are relatively simple, with a few fun tricks thrown in that may trip some players up on their first few plays.

However, as with your other game, "Don't Push the Button," you neglected to mention the relative difficulty of this game for the limited amount of time given to complete the puzzles. As I mentioned in my other review, people prefer to know what they're getting into before playing!

The difficulty of the puzzles rises progressively, though once you've already solved them, the game simply becomes a test of how fast you can connect the dots. The first five puzzles do a good job of introducing the mechanics of the dots, allowing the player to understand the basics of the game before progressing to the more complex puzzles. The second set of five puzzles is where the real challenge is, as the player needs to solve puzzles with numerous dots on the screen with high values while saving time for the final set of puzzles. Thankfully, the last set of puzzles is a test of speed, considering that, by this time, only a few more seconds are remaining on the timer.

Despite what some may believe, this game IS BEATABLE! I myself have completed the game in 50 moves with 3 seconds remaining ( Though I must admit, it took quite a few tries ( ^_^ ) )

Overall, an excellent game; you just need to describe the challenge more clearly so that players may understand what they're getting into [Only one minute to complete 15 puzzles :O ].

I hope to see more of your work in the future!

@Delmlin: Puzzle 7 is not broken: you need to connect the "3" dots to the "2" dots first, which will leave a "1," "2," and a "1" dot. Then, you can connect the "1" dots to the "2," which should form the figure of the letter "M" (There are a couple other configurations, to be sure, but that's the standard figure for that puzzle).

amidos2006 responds:

that's really a nice review but do you think writing this in the how to play will solve the problem that people don't understand that he has 60 seconds to finish? mmmm..... I will see if this game get nice feedback on Newgrounds or on Mochimedia competition (as its a part of mochimedia june competition) may be I will make a larger version of this game :)

I like the idea of this game but the time limit is way too short. I'd like to see a version with more time, or where a few seconds are added to the timer after each level. Alternatively, you could have the timer count up, and add a leaderboard for the fastest time.

amidos2006 responds:

sorry for that but the problem is that this game was made for 60 seconds gameplay competition :)

Broken, the game ends on stage 7 every time. Played it 3 times having to start over each time and on that stage you connect any 2 dots and it ends.

amidos2006 responds:

becz the time is up :) u must be faster :)