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Sonic XX, or Sonic XX: The Dress-Up-and-Down! or The only Rule 63 Sonic game where Tails gets to keep his dick is finally here!

First of all, you may find it odd that the game doesn't have much of a music... It actually has only one and it's on the intro. The reason for this is that the way I make my Flash animations are kind of unorthodox, in a way, as I dump all my drawings as transparent PNGs into the animation instead of doing my drawings in Flash -which would save more space. In a blink of an eye, this project grew VERY big in size. The game is already 9.4 MB so I had no choice but to stop adding more and more to it.

The game might confuse you here and there. Don't be shy to check the Instructions option from the main menu, and the Hint button every time you unlock something. Hint button does not actually hinder your game experience; it AMPLIFIES it, because nowhere else in the game you're clearly given your TASK so that you can unlock more stuff.

One of the most nefarious and notable bugs in the game happens when you unlock your FIFTH emerald. I couldn't eradicate it but I can show you how to AVOID it. You have to do something SPESIFIC to get that emerald. When you FIRST do that, do NOT change backgrounds till all the animations are over. If you do it, it won't show it as you truly unlocked everything. You can still set things right if you do that same spesific thing in that spesific background again.


1st Emerald: click the face; 2nd Emerald: click the boobs or th cunt/pussy; 3rd Emerald: choose the Eggman outfit and click the Eggman background then click the boobs and Metal Sonic should appear; 4th Emerald: click the Chao background then click on the princess outfit then click the boob icon if you hold the hold the boobs for two seconds and release, the Chao should suck on the boobs; 5th Emerald:(only for Shadow) click on the Amy outfit and find Shadow, he should be in the Eggman background, click on Shadow then click Sonic's face and then click on the nude icon, go to the bedroom background and click on the cunt/pussy; you now have all the Emeralds, click on the question mark to end the game.

To finish the game: simply click the same timing as a "normal speed" in a Meet N' Fuck game. (hopefully you know what that means)

To get Knuckles: keep on the princess outfit after the Chao have sucked on Sonic's boobs, click on Knuckles and then lick Sonic's face and cunt/pussy in that order, repeat the Meet N' Fuck timing.

To get Tails: click on the outfit next to Amy's, not Rogue's outfit(I don't know what it's called), and go to the Emerald hill background, Tails should be in his red Biplane, click on Tails then click on Sonic's boobs(Tails has a thing for big tits) Tails should come down, repeat the Meet N' Fuck timing.

And now you have ended the game! I think the authors of the game will be pissed with me, but I don't care! I hope these cheats will help you guys. If you have any problems, message me and I will help!

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CuisineSonikko responds:

nah im not pissed, the game is awfully easily beatable and because of this everywhere is already littered with the walkthrough of this game, so, yeah, whatever. i just hope people are enjoying themselves with whatever scenery the game provides, and i just hope you enjoyed it as well despite its massive flaws.

I did it! I think this is actually the only tg themed flash game I ever found. Thank you very much for making one!

I really like the music (None), because muting it is usually the first thing I do.
The only really bad thing about this flash are the sounds of the endings.

I first thought, I have to match a REALLY specific look, but it's really only the costume, that has to match. If someone still doesn't get it, here's a walkthrough I just made:
> http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/3 fef706a97a92bac5904ed27a4422ccd

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1: Click Sonic's mouth.
2: Click Sonic's tits and then click Sonic's vagina.
3. Go to Eggman's lair, change to the pirate outfit (the pirate outfit is 3 down, 1st one on the left), then click on Sonic's tits.
4. Go to where all the Chaos are (the 2nd place), then change to the outfit that is 4 down, 4th one on the left, then click and hold on Sonic's tits for 10 seconds or so.
The above action unlocks all of the characters you can have intercourse with (Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow).
Getting Knuckles to have sex with you:
1. Click on Knuckles, then click on Sonic's vagina (with the outfit thats on still on).
2. Go to the bedroom, then change to where you're naked (5 down, 4 to the right), then click on Sonic's vagina.
3. Click on the question mark in the lower right hand corner.
Getting Shadow to have sex with you:
1. Go to Eggman's lair, change to the outfit thats 4 down and the 1st one on the left.
2. Click on Shadow, then click on Sonic's mouth.
3. Go to the bedroom, then get nude and click on Sonic's vagina.
4. Click on the question mark in the lower right hand corner.
Getting Tails to have sex with you:
1. Go to the last location (the fifth one).
2. Switch to the outfit thats 4 down, 3 to the right.
3. Click on the orange plane, then click on Sonic's tits.
4. Go to the bedroom, get nude, and click Sonic's vagina.
5. Click on the question mark in the lower right hand corner.
Your welcome. Took me a fuckin to type all of this lol.
Great game though, Cuisine Sonikko and Spazztik Sid!

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XD Awkward game! My type! I can choose sonadow! I finally found out how to finish the game!
Cheats are found here: http://www.pwpwpoker.com/news/game-tips/solution-for-sonic-xx.html
Or read this:
Gem 1:
Interact with her: for example, click on her tits.

Gem 2:
Find 2 more way to interact with her: for example, click on her pussy and on her mouth.

Gem 3:
Go to background Number 3 (the 3rd one with the icon that looks like a skull)
Put the first outfit of the 3rd line.

Click on her tits, a robot should appear.

Gem 4:
you have to feed someone, so go to background number 2
(where there is these small monsters that are flying).
Put outfit number 4 of the 4th line.
Click on her tits and don't release your mouse button.
Wait at least 3 seconds and wait that the flying animals come to suck your tits.

Part 5:

You have to seduce one of the 3 guy.

- To seduce the guy where are the monster:
Put outfit number 4 of the 4th line.
click on the guy.
Click on your pussy.
- To seduce the guy of the 3rd background:
Put outfit number 2 of the 4th line (the red one)
click on the guy.
Click on your mouth
- To seduce the guy of the 5th background (the exotic place):
Put outfit number 3 of the 4th line (slightly orange)
click on the airplane.
Click on your tits.

Part 6:

Go to your bedroom.
Remove your clothes (4th button at the bottom of the screen)
click on your pussy
Click on "?" at the bottom right of the screen.

Part 7: click on the button with a regular pace (it is a little hard to explain,
and it changes with the guy, but don't click again too fastly, 1 click per second is ok)
The sex scene change with the guy that you have chosen.
If you click on "play again" the sex scene restart.
If you click on continue, you see the epilogue.

You can restart to see the sex scene with the other guys.

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why dose he have B00bs when he woke up? it is very strange o-o. Is he/she a girl?

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