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Sonic XX, or Sonic XX: The Dress-Up-and-Down! or The only Rule 63 Sonic game where Tails gets to keep his dick is finally here!

First of all, you may find it odd that the game doesn't have much of a music... It actually has only one and it's on the intro. The reason for this is that the way I make my Flash animations are kind of unorthodox, in a way, as I dump all my drawings as transparent PNGs into the animation instead of doing my drawings in Flash -which would save more space. In a blink of an eye, this project grew VERY big in size. The game is already 9.4 MB so I had no choice but to stop adding more and more to it.

The game might confuse you here and there. Don't be shy to check the Instructions option from the main menu, and the Hint button every time you unlock something. Hint button does not actually hinder your game experience; it AMPLIFIES it, because nowhere else in the game you're clearly given your TASK so that you can unlock more stuff.

One of the most nefarious and notable bugs in the game happens when you unlock your FIFTH emerald. I couldn't eradicate it but I can show you how to AVOID it. You have to do something SPESIFIC to get that emerald. When you FIRST do that, do NOT change backgrounds till all the animations are over. If you do it, it won't show it as you truly unlocked everything. You can still set things right if you do that same spesific thing in that spesific background again.


Really nice game and really nice design, it's a shame that more content couldn't be added but it can't be help. As for the gameplay, it was rather nice. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I noticed that a couple people seemed to have issues on knowing what to do. So I suppose that's it's my job to help.

1. Grope her boobs.

This will unlock the second teir. Of course, nothing is needed her as of yet. In fact, you don't even use it till much later.

2. Give her a kiss, and touch her crotch.

This unlocks the third tier, which is what we now need to advance.

3. Switch to the Robotnik stage and the Pirate outfit.

This summons the Robo-Sonic and gives you the fourth emerald.

4. Switch the the second stage, and the outfit four down and four to the left.

The chao will flock and suck her tits, Knuckles shows up.

5. Click Knuckles and her crotch.

This gives you the next one.

6. Click the bed and the strip buttton.




I found that waiting half a second between clicks really helped.

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you should make a free mode
great game though

How do you get the fourth?

I'm entertained to say the least...

Shadow's expression was like "... Nobody makes a game about me turning in a female.

So yeah xD Brill.

I cant find the 4th emerald

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Jun 29, 2012
3:35 AM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up
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