ECA: Stop Vagita

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You may use this animation wherever and whenever you want, even on p0rnhub.
This animation is created by NewRandom and has been uploaded on the website newgrounds as the first one on the internet.
Reason? Because this is the only place that is just open to anyone to upload any pile of shit animation.

If you or your creation is in this animation, then it means you are respected by me.
If you are not in this animation, then it means I was out of time OR you didn't gain my interest at all.
If this animation has destroyed your remaining IQ or your erotic animation fanatasy, then I'm proud of it.
If you think this animation is utterly crap and below, then I'm crying like a little bitch while pissing through my pants /sarcasm.
If you got more questions, please answer them yourself.

This is my first animation ever and probably my last one.
Have a fucking nice day.
PS: Can you find the easter egg in this video? I bet not...


Found the easter egg!

NewRandom responds:

Care to share it with other people?

you get full stars (coz i'm drunk) and even though the animation wasn't that good i think this was great just because of the amount of content you put into this and the effort it must have taken to make this, well done sir

NewRandom responds:

I get full stars because you are drunk?
Man that made my day, long live the alcohol.

And please can you bring along more friends that are drunk and give this movie a full star?


that was hilarious

= Omg my testicles just exploded from the awesomenes of that movie *Pop* Pop*

Jesus....Where do i begin? first of all this is exactly how to make entertainment!
This had everything in it, like holy cow, you had everyone in this movie, pretty much.
It's very rare to see a marathon of allstars, on here but the one thing that killed me laughing was pretty much everything!

The animation isn't great, the direction is a roller-coaster of insanity! The plot? lol
the Dora scene was VERY AWKWARD, other than that it was pretty well done, with the allstars of everyone we pretty much know.

The easter egg i'm going to assume is BraveHeart doing the Barrel roll.

NewRandom responds:

The easter egg is not the Barrel roll.
I will give a hint, for those that are interested in it.

It's a kinda hidden episode, content locked up which can be activated by clicking on an certain event.

That was awesome it had alot of my favorite things anime, Samuel l. Jackson, and dick jokes. This shouldn't be your last animation, I'd like to see your skills increased.

NewRandom responds:

Thank you, but no thanks.
Takes alot of time and I don't have free time to spend anymore atm... to make another animation.

But nothing is certain, time will tell.

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3.15 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2012
8:47 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody