Red Square

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Inspired by the 2012 Quebec Student Strike.

Jean Charest's Liberal government wants to hike tuition! Bring tuition down by defeating the Enemies of Education.

Arrow keys to move. Further instructions in game.

Game mechanic inspired by Bullfist by Terry Cavanagh.
Theme inspired by Red Square/Casseroles by Malcolm Sutherland.

Also, SK.

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Great game, pretty straightforward addicting, I agree with Dragut, It would be good to have some visual clue of how many squares can take out what. Great game though!

tsherif responds:

Thanks for the kind words, Pixelcalamari. Looking back, I totally agree that some kind of in-game indication of enemy vulnerability would have been good. Don't think I'll go back to work on this game, but I'll definitely keep this in mind for future projects.

The game reminded the snake. The new feature is - how much should be large snake that could swallow the object. The original idea.

tsherif responds:

Interesting. I hadn't thought of the similarity with Snake, but I suppose there is a similar dynamic. My most direct influence for the gameplay, though, was Terry Cavanagh's Bullfist, which you can find on NG. Check it out!

Bon. En français puisque tu viens probablement du Québec aussi.

Le jeu ne mérite certes pas un 4.5 pour son gameplay; mais l'idée originale, le lien avec la cause, et le plaisir que j'ai eu à détruire ma première voiture de F1 compensent bien pour le reste!


- Un sympathisant

tsherif responds:

Merci Karminator !

Oui, effectivement, je dois faire la traduction francaise. Un probleme c'est que le maudit Flash a du mal a afficher des lettres avec des accents (de meme pour NG, d'ailleurs), alors je dois soit choisir des mots sans accent soit utiliser des images pour le texte dynamique.

the music is really annoying and you should have a mute button at the very least
also, appart from dragut's problems i would suggest you tell the player which how many "people" you need to kill each enemy in the information page, it's awful having to wait a whole minute just to be able to experiment before one can wait even longer before getting to seriously play the game

tsherif responds:

Thanks for the feedback, 2Dozen.

The number of squares you need to kill each enemy are listed in the in-game instructions. I thought it would be easier to show them with the images than to try to describe them in text. Was that not clear? I could maybe consider having the player go through the instructions before each new game.

UPDATE: I made the instructions appear before the start of each game, so it should be clear now how many squares/enemy.

It was pretty entertaining, but the gameplay had some issues to be worked out. First off, it was really hard to remember how many squares I needed in order to take out each type of enemy. A visual cue of some sort would really help. Also, it was a bit of a bummer having to dodge tons of stuff at first while waiting for my second square so I could start knocking out businessmen. (I must have played for a solid minute without encountering any backup)

I also encountered a bit of a bug: after losing all but one of my squares to a fence, I picked up another red square. Instead of going next to my other square, however, it went way out in front, making it even harder to avoid obstacles.

But really, I liked the game enough to play it for a while, and the core mechanic and controls work very well. Nice job!

tsherif responds:

Thanks for the feedback, Dragut!

Some of the things you mentioned were intentional, but I'll consider adjusting them based on response. Basically, I thought the "power in numbers" theme was important, so I wanted to contrast a feeling of fragility at the beginning against the feeling of power that comes later. I've made the red squares appear a little more often though.

Not marking the vulnerable enemies was also a decision. It allows for moments when you lose some squares and then "forget" that you're now weaker. The theme is of public protest, so I wanted the dynamic to be somewhat chaotic. I don't want it to be frustrating though, so I'll take people's responses into account.

Finally, I managed to fix the issue with square positions this morning. Let me know if you come across any other issues.

Thanks again!

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Jun 28, 2012
7:46 PM EDT
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