Behemols Universe

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elefan ! 5 Points

Play with Elefan

level 2 5 Points

Unlock level 2

level 3 5 Points

Unlock level 3

notes x 10 5 Points

Find 10 music notes

notes x 5 5 Points

Find 5 music notes

level 4 10 Points

Unlock level 4

notes x 17 10 Points

Find 17 music notes

oel ! 10 Points

Play with Oel

lvl up 25 Points

Faster !

notes x 24 25 Points

Find 24 music notes

level bonus 50 Points

Unlock the bonus level

notes x 30 50 Points

Find 30 music notes

the end 50 Points

finish the game

the dark end 100 Points

Finish the game on dark

the dark mode 100 Points

Play on dark

Author Comments

Behemols Universe is a platform game in which the player controls a music note whose goal is to get to each level's flat ( Bemolle ).
You can only walk on the 5 lines of the sheet music, and a lot of obstacles will get in your way ; beware of the notes, ennemies, and even bosses !

How to play :

- Use the directional arrows to move between the lines
- The little notes add 5 seconds to the counter
- If the counter gets to 0, you lose and have to restart the level
- If you touch an ennemy ( or a bullet, when you fight a boss ), you lose and have to restart the level
- Some bonus codes ( 7 in this version ) are to be found through the game. Write them somewhere and use them on the main menu to get bonus effects !

This is only a beta version of Behemols Universe, which I plan to improve very soon.
A bonus level will be added for the players who collect all of the 24 little notes placed in the 4 first levels. Also, 2 new codes will be added.

========== UPDATE 1.0 - 15/07/2012 ==========

- New level (bonus level)
- 8 new medals
- 2 new codes
- Difficulty down (just a bit :p)
- The dark mode
- And more...

Thanks for playing, and don't forget to rate and share if you enjoyed ! :)

http://leo-games.over-blo g.com/

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Differant kind of game here

I'll have to review this in a different way, But not too different, but because of the fact that it was well-made very well-made if you ask me and ofcourse there are some things you could have done differant, i will get to that though you do have a decent and unique of flash here. This was one of those differantkind of games, allthough it was something unique, the "MUSIC" was absolutly beatiful and these types of games make the music standout aswell, so i was kind of impressed with the music alone, the "GAME-CONTROLS" were notbad, smooth and fresh, but overall a fun game and delightfull. maybe adding some sortof color wouldnt hurt on this piece. Good Ideas fuel great flash of works like this one. Soon that note keep up the entertaining and detailed work that you do, and i really do look forward to more from you.

Sometimes you have to take risks and do something differant, and if you can pull that off, You will have some amazing results, so here are some new things to try out. So the onlything i could think of to make this better or even slightly improved would be to add a touch of "COLOR" maybe certain key notes or enemeies or even some parts of the backround could have a touch of color here and there.

Graphics: 4/5
Music: 5/5
Gameplay: 4/5

I love the music, but other than that it fell a little short, still nice game.

While I really enjoyed the concept and simplicity, I cannot say the same for the difficulty. [And I was able to make it to the final level of the dark mode version]

Unless this game is made easier, it will not be fun, but rather just a source of stress. [At least for me]

Some suggestions I have onto how to make this easier are:
-Add checkpoints
-Add more time to each level, or at least level four
-Add more music notes in easier to reach spots
-Give the player more life so they can take more than one hit before dying
-Be able to use multiple power-ups at once [if applicable]
-Remove some of the obstacles

Furthermore, the most frustrating aspect about this game is when you finally are able to reach the far right end of level four and go through the portal-type object, but then run out of time on the way there. Please please please make it so your time does not go down while you're moving through those portals, or at least move the entire boss area over to the right so it's a lot shorter of a trip.

However, the artwork, music and concept were very enjoyable.

I really like the concept behind this one. I've seen some games with similar premises, but none quite the same as this. The theme of the game is (quite obviously) music, and everything in the game reflects that: the background music fits perfectly, having the sheet music itself make up the level design is very clever, and having the notes and such act as characters/enemies/obstacles/etc. is a really cool idea.
Having said that, the gameplay could be fleshed out even more. For example, you could try syncing up the enemies' movements with the background music; have them move faster during more intense sections of the music, jump or drop when a strong note is hit, things like that. You could also try experimenting with other elements like powerups, health, checkpoints, etc. to help vary the gameplay and also make it a little easier on the player. (I realize that I'm probably spoiled by the simplicity and ease of most modern games, but I did feel that this game is a bit unforgiving.)
I know the description says that this is only a beta version, and you've got a really great premise here, so I look forward to the finished product. :)

The tl;dr version:
Liked: The concept is original, the theme is well-defined, and the art and music are spot-on.
Liked less: There's not much variation in gameplay, and it can be kind of unforgiving at times.
All in all: A great idea with a very solid foundation that can easily be built upon to make an awesome finished product.
Stars: 3.5
Smiley: :D

Credits & Info

2.93 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2012
8:20 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other