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Author Comments

**UPDATE 28/6/2012**
I've added pause and restart button to the game, plus I removed the click-to-invert thing and now is done with Z if you are close enough. Also added dragging to both sides using X.

You are made of jelly, and your mission is to get the jelly back.

It's very small game, I am actually hoping to get some feedback on it as what I should add, remove and what features would be nice to have. I am already working on some new levels. My Goal is to get to 120 Levels.

The Controls:

Move: Arrows or WASD
Run: Move+Shift
Restart Room: R Key
Back to Menu: ESC or BACKSPACE
To Invert the gravity blocks you need to be close enough and then press Z. Be careful no to get squashed by them, it's a double-edged weapon.
To Drag the Blocks you need to be close enough and the press X and move.
Thanks and Enjoy!


The difficulty really isn't that bad. I found it easy to figure out each level. However, I believe the controls should be explained more thoroughly. I did not know how to invert gravity, for example. I assumed that since x is drag and shift is run, z must be used for something, so I figured out that z was to invert gravity. The instructions did not say this.

Anyway, the game is nice and simple. It gives us a classic puzzle-solving adventure. It could use more eye candy and some music and sound effects and so on. It could use some an undo button for when you accidentally press z a second time and lose a cube off screen. Various things need improvement. However, the overall game design is not bad, and I like the level design.

A pretty fun game. Some things that would make it better, honestly, can't think of any off the top of my head. The game got a bit hard a bit soon, so maybe relax with the difficulty and make it hard as you progress. Also, i thought that with you clicking the grav blocks, it was really difficult to function on you're keyboard, and this game would be suicide with those playing on a laptop...maybe next time choose to hit "enter" to activate a grav block...but other than that, this was a fantastic game with a touch of humor, keep up the good work!

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manxana responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I will be improving the game very soon.

After few training levels game fastly becomes hard, and though I passed all the levels I would say it requires skill above average. Almost all blocks reqire tricks. I do not think I would play 120 such levels.
Also, free channels for sound were not found, but it looked fun (and lagged).

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manxana responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I will optimize the learning curve.

I like how It has a restart button (R), in case you accidentally make the level un-beatable. However, it was never mentioned (at least from what I saw) It should mention at some point that you can actually move the block, rather than just expect it to be understood. It was also too easy to accidentally make the level impossible by dropping the block off the edge in a way, to where it would be stuck against the edge and you have no way of moving it. You can fix that on occasion, but its not easy. The block moving upward slowly while you are on it is a good touch, but it needs to keep its speed, rather than speed up. Although this seems to work into the puzzle factor later... so it goes both ways.
This has some real potential if you can find more ways to make the difficulty level smooth out better, and a few more explanations/tutorials as you begin. I'd also add some back story, and add blocks that change direction when clicked, rather than just go up and down. Another good feature to add would be having the Zombies run at you if you enter their line of sight, (only within 3-5 blocks) rather than you just coming within 3 blocks of them setting them off in your direction, regardless of what direction they are facing. I'd add more types of enemies that do different things. Also, that last segment where everything gets trippy, can be funny if introduced correctly. It is pretty straightforward...I'd just find a way to explain it better. Aside from all that, I will actually keep an eye on you and play the final version. Not bad in all actuality.

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manxana responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback, this is really helpful as I really want to make this game a lot better.

Okay, heres my thoughts on how this game can be improved, in order of urgency.

1. Needs BGM!
2. Being able to push blocks, but not pull them, gets frustrating.
3. Some instructions arent necessary, such as 'saws will probably kill you'. Its obvious.
4. In the final level, remove that stupid sentence up top. Or at least replace it with something less wierd, along the lines of "What have you done?!"

The level design was fine from about halfway to the second last level.

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manxana responds:

Thanks a lot!, I will improve those points.

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Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2012
3:19 AM EDT
Adventure - Other