Coin Grabber 2

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The coins are falling, but now magical gems are falling as well, your goal is to get fifth-teen of them to help your family get rich! Well what are you waiting for? Go get the magical gems!

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Add a magnet upgrade, it'll make things less infuriating. Also, it's really hard to control, and unless this is the only thing you're doing, you get some nasty lag when you try to move. Slow things down a bit, too. Oh, and reduce how many the black coins take away. Make it 1, or 5. 10 is rather infuriating.

Needs some sounds and more upgrades.

The game took forever to load up. After the advertisement vanishes, it goes black for about 10 seconds. You should probably provide a better explanation of what is going on. Also, Things are falling too fast, there is basically no chance to catch anything. The fact that you can faze through both sides of the screen is a nice touch though. Also, the person should probably not be able to go as fast as he can at first. The controls are slippery, making the little guy VERY hard to control with any acurracy. Like playing Luigi in Mario, it's difficult and frustrating.

If you want left-handers to play this game and give it a good rating, you need to have the arrows as well as WASD for movement.

The guy go to fast so do the coins you should make them slower and there is really no end either

Credits & Info

3.22 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2012
3:17 PM EDT
Action - Other