Stealth Pervert

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High Scores

1. Top Perverts - Easy
1. AbrahamBoothler 10
2. RansomGameMaster 9
3. nebulous5502 7
4. clayton12 5
5. omgman02 4
6. Foxxy26 2
7. DaMIIX 1
8. Arthurarthur 1
9. zaycan101 1
10. Darkdeath260 1
11. lmcharlotte8888 0
12. juliohero 0
13. Beemance 0
14. hewgsmeggy 0
15. ironcrossblack 0

Author Comments

You're a Perver Ninja which trys to Steal as many Skirts from the Girls as he can!

It was developed for a small Jam/Competition during 2 Weeks. (Mostly worked on weekends, and after work). We had to choose 2 Settings out of 5, my choice was "Ninja / Mini-Skirt".
And that's the Result :D

The Houses are generated by random and the Gameplay repeats because I had not enough time to add some more Gameplay features that would add some variety.

Thanks to all the Review and inspirations.
I will add more Features some times later.

Update: 1.1
- 3 different Difficulty Levels
- Bugfixing
- Newgrounds API with Scoreboards


It's simple and fun. I love it. Plus, the theme is kinda weird

I'm !LOVE! Ninja :-)

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X-Tender responds:

Thanks a lot :D Don't get cought!

good game but with the last girl the spacebar doesn't work

That's a big shit

Well I have to admire the fact that being that simple, this game is pretty adictive, using few time and sprites you made a very entertaining game, what happens to be excellent since current trends are to make short addictive games.

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2.94 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2012
8:11 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating