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Stealth Pervert

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You're a Perver Ninja which trys to Steal as many Skirts from the Girls as he can!

It was developed for a small Jam/Competition during 2 Weeks. (Mostly worked on weekends, and after work). We had to choose 2 Settings out of 5, my choice was "Ninja / Mini-Skirt".
And that's the Result :D

The Houses are generated by random and the Gameplay repeats because I had not enough time to add some more Gameplay features that would add some variety.

Thanks to all the Review and inspirations.
I will add more Features some times later.

Update: 1.1
- 3 different Difficulty Levels
- Bugfixing
- Newgrounds API with Scoreboards


Good idea, nice graphics, fun gameplay
however the controls were really screwed up, i could barely half the time press space, in other words, when i pressed space he did nothing. Or when a girl without a skirt was running away so fast she opened a door to another room, i wasn't able to press "w" to hide, thus got slapped again. Also the TV thing was annoying, instead of helping me, i always accidently turned the tv on when i just wanted to get to a skirt.
Also using "w" to hide was not that good too, it was too far away from the space bar.

Like i said, overall good game, but bad controls.

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X-Tender responds:

SPACE ist context Sensitive, when you stand in front of the TV and a Girl is standing in fron of you (turning back on you) he goes into the "Skirt Remove Mode" .. when the Girl is too far away or there is no Girl he use the TV.
You have to choose if it is the right place to undress a Girl, when she's near a Door there is a possibility that she opens the door and the other sees you, it's part of the Gampelay to know when it is a good moment to do the move.

This game is so freaking weird.

I'm currently topping the chart for today's high score on normal... Yay?

It is really hard from trying to get past the girls and unzip their skirts (if that makes any sense to add a zipper to a skirt) but its fun So you get a 5 star reward.

Pretty much what CautiononExit said.

Pretty nice but gets old fast!

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Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2012
8:11 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating