The First Day

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Originally made as a 1-minute video assignment for a class in first year of New Media at Ryerson University, now on Newgrounds thanks to their new video function.

This is my most recent animation from a few years ago. The underlying theme I chose was "firsts" and I wanted to animate something to capture the nervousness I felt on my first day at University, being surrounded by a bunch of new people that you've never met. Of course, I loved having nobody I knew in my class and wanted to meet them, but I had this little insecurity that made me nervous to even say "Hi" to them. But I found out that if you can fight those insecurities and punch that nervous part of your brain in the face, you'll find that they are only holding you back from meeting some wonderful people. That is what I wanted to capture in this animation, starring the lovable Shad from my Legend Of Shad cartoon.

This was a very experimental piece when I made it as I had never used Animations like this in real life settings (Filmed backgrounds). I wanted it to mimic the aesthetic I sometimes use with my Spark Comics (http://Sparkcomic.com), where characters have photographed backgrounds. I didn't get it perfect in this animation, but I tried and I learned quite a bit doing it. Special thanks to my friend Konstantino Kapetaneas for doing an awesome job on the music!

I hope you enjoy it. I'd love to hear your opinions. :)


Good, the animation is very fluid and nice, but don't is sooooo nice and don't have effects.

nice i liked it!!!

The story was short but you show what was essential.For the animation.It was fluid and good make but try to animate more thing. For exemple, when he get out of water, make some drop of water or a little wave. That not a big thing but that add some detail.The music was good and you add some sound effect so I have nothing more to say about that. The big thing is the background. I think that showing real life scene with animated scene in front make a difference that reduce the beauty of the animation. Try to make background. You don't need to make big one with full of original character. Only some that pass some time in the screen or other that only look like to speak.

I thought it was cute, and I like how you put the obstacles to symbolize anxiety (At least that's how I saw it).
Hope to see more from you~ c:

Well done ! Interesting subject too :)

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Jun 27, 2012
3:04 AM EDT