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Sonic Scene Creator Adv.

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The first version of Advanced Sonic Scene Creator

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how do flip sprites

it all started when sonic was fighting eggman in his egg tank and Sonic Destroyed it.Eggman got in his egg pod and a signal was sent to 5h4d0w,a clone of shadow and he ran to egg man immediately.Tails flew in to see what was going on and then 5h4d0w kicked sonic but sonic dodged.Tails said ''Shadow stop'' but then 5h4d0w dashed through tails' chest,killing him.Sonic was absolutely FURIOUS he dashed at 5h4d0w at light speed but then 5h4d0w kicked sonic very hard then eggman went into his spike egg armour and sonic got knocked into one of the spikes.As he was dying a tear went down his eye and he said weakly ''Im sorry i failed you tails.....im sorry''Sonic is dead...Knuckles walked in to see what was happening but he was devastated to see tails and sonic dead.Knuckles was extremely mad and he charged at eggmans spike egg and it blew up,blasting them away.eggman went into the egg crusher and smashed knuckles into jelly.then silver came and lifted the egg crusher with his telikenisis and threw it at 5h4d0w.as his armour blew up,5h4d0w punched a huge hole through silvers head and silver died.the Real Shadow came but in an instant 5h4d0w holded shadow by his neck and he squeezed his neck and suddenly his head popped off.He did it....5h4d0w killed everyone.....Or did he,Sonic suddenly came back to life as SUPER SONIC and ripped 5h4d0w to shreds and he turned into dust.Sonic turned back to normal and revived every one.eggman dashed away to his lab and sonic and his friends lived happily ever after.theres my story and now this is what i think you can improve,I'm kinda bothered that you can't just make a command to switch what way the sprites are looking also i think you can add more sprites for amy rouge metal mocha vector charm blaze and espio


ONE day sonic was chillen when Zilver came! It was a copy Eggman made of Silver. But Knux came and scratched Zilver's fur! His arm was scratched. Then Zilver KILLED SONIC!! DUN DU DUNNNN! Silver came and "tried" to kill Zilver, but Silver got knocked out. Tails woke up. And saw what was happening. Tails: YOU KILLED SONIC! Tails knocked Zilver out. And after 5 min. of being knocked out Zilver cut Tails' tails. Knux and shadow were still up and the batteld Zilver. Zilver had beat Team Sonic. But wait! Sonic came back to life as Super Sonic! Dunno why. So he tried and tried but couldn't. Then he brought everyone back to life! Sonic gave them power. The power to kill Zilver! After Zilver died, all was calm and sonic and the gang lived happily ever after. Music: his world [CREDITS] SEGA, AidenTRM9000, Skeletongirl, and Sonic!

hmm i like this but
please add
more forms
add dark sonic and hyper sonic...

Alvc57 responds:

Maybe later. Thanks for your tip.