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Diablo 2 & 3 Parody! Don't forget to leave you opinion on the video, positive or negative, it will help us do it better next time. And of course if you'd like to see all our videos that aren't exclusively flash animation, subscribe to us on youtube (AMGhumor), we'd appreciate that alot!


yeahno. don't continue this...

Furry shit, bad animation, all around NOPE NOPE NOPE .avi

= If i had to name what kind of a creature he was in "Furry Land" i think i would be giving big bird too much credit.

A Triumph of what is to be narrated by the fellow story teller, shows it's true colours with a glorious back story, of a warrior who had become a name for his village, until 12 years later his test for recapturing the victor would be tested once again..

The animation was pretty decent, with some very good transition effects from different perspectives, such as the big beast being defeated and the scene of the village.
Although having said that, the animation can also seem to be quirky at times too, the direction was well thought out and planned to an extent, until near to the end it looked like that the animator ran out of ideas and started adding random jumping sharks like the pokemon battle interface, although the impression it first gave me was a serious drama that soon was shunned away when i saw that these characters where not human, if this is comedy then more has to be harnessed around the humour factor..

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Zatchell responds:

It's pretty much what we were aiming at, some humor with a slice of drama. The end may seem a bit confusing, but that's because a part 2 is planned for this video. We decided to go with cartoon animal characters for our animation, but we'd like to hear your opinion on whether you would have liked it better if it were humans instead of animals. Nevertheless, we appreciate your honesty, thanks for reviewing!


Fucking awesome.

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2.77 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2012
4:50 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody