Lets Play Minecraft

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NEW! Enhanced with music.


how did he make a diamond pickaxe if he had only one diamond?

BTW, I like the animation. don't listen to all the haters about this

how did he wants the single diamond if he has now a Diamond pickaxe?


When the guy finds diamonds, the music was cool.

Simple with bad graphics then again I guess you are new to animating.


There was no animation other than the moving flashy lights, and the bad mouth moving. No movement at all, just a change of scenes. The looping made it hard to realize when it started and when it ended since I scrolled down to read the reviews first. I suggest you put in a preloader.

The art wasn't good but as I said I guess you are new to animating, so I believe you are using a mouse which few people can master. Not much that you can expect from a new person using a mouse. You at least tried with the moving backgrounds.


After viewing this a couple of times I realize what's happening. The character can't mine for shit so he uses the mod X-ray which helps him spot out diamonds with ease, he then makes a diamond pickax.


Audio fits alright and was nicely streamed at least you got that right. Also I am pretty sure you did not create the song so I'd suggest you give credits to the person who did.


Yeah, no. Minecraft animations aren't known for being that original. But this is the first minecraft animation I saw that involves the use of the X-ray mod.


This was a good start to your animating career. AT LEAST you didn't do stick figures. I recommend you practice and if you really want to get better and do this, practice your drawing skills and perspective as well as your animation. I look forward to seeing your progress. Would give you a one but since it's your first ever and you are starting out I give you a two.

Also it isn't that hard to find diamonds :D

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BlackDiamondPL responds:

Wow thanks for the comment. This animation is s*it. You have the right was created by using the mouse. Really thanks for you. :D

It makes sense alright, Its basically his interpretation of minecraft, minecraft is boring, then he gets an idea and turns his x-ray mod on and everything starts being fun because he can see all the ores, he highlights diamond ore and then wields the diamond pickaxe with the assumption that he made from the diamond he mined.

Never-the-less, Its probably 30 seconds of my life I'm not going to get back; and this sure isn't worth it.

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Jun 26, 2012
6:01 AM EDT