Pixel Toilet

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Pixel Toilet is pretty much the greatest game ever! Sit on a toilet and launch your way through challenging levels while upgrading your ride so you can travel to space! Over 3 levels of pixel filled toilet insanity! Can you beat this exciting launcher?? Good luck!

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It's not loading on mine. It stays black the longer I wait.

This is going to sound superstitious as f*ck but I swear playing this game makes your luck better. And I mean in general. Whereas playing the game "taberinos" is the best way of assessing where your luck stands, if the ball bounces around and never seems to miss the angry nodes and just hits it multiple times every time it bounces around, you need to play this game a few times to bring your luck back up.

This game is pure magic. And it makes me want to try magic mushrooms. This is THE launch game. If you only play one launcher game in your life, it would be this one, though it would give you a skewed perspective of launch games and mislead you into thinking they don't suck overall as a genre. Though "Rocket Toilet 2" by the same creator, is also a good companion game to this one, it's a solid 2nd place after this.

I love that music. It's music that will almost trick you into thinking that life doesn't suck. I love the CRAZY things that come on the screen (who is the guy who says "not bad"? - I get the impression he's a communist dictator I should recognize or something, maybe that's just because pitergames is Russian). And of course, that ending. Could using actual magic mushrooms possibly be as good as this game? I don't know, but if you only play it once, as one of the commentors below said, playing this game will be the best 10-30 minutes of your life.

5 out of 5 stars for being by far the greatest of its genre, if it can really be considered part of the launch game category and not a completely different thing onto itself, and for being pure magic and awesome and capable of literally alleviating bad luck (to a small extent, it's not THAT magic).

The game itself is easy, Didn't knew i had 400k in one run. Well, i loved the concept of the game though. Seeing a man eat a suspicious mushroom, suddenly he sees everything go pixelated, As if he was afflicted by a drug. And that it was the game brings us with, The mushroom is a drug.

If you are to make more games, i'd like to see an RPG Adventure game which involves party and leveling, and most of all, cutscenes or a understandable background story.

3/5 if it wasn't so easy.

A nice interpretation of the Lord of the Rings trilogy: first you start in The Shire, where everything is beautiful landscapes and happy animals, then you have to fight orcs and dead guys, and then you end up in Mordor. All this of course after smoking a shitload of weed with your friend the wizard, or in this case eating mushrooms. Man, mushrooms are one helluva drug, and this game is the proof. They make you hallucinate and see everything in pixels, and see memes everywhere, and Mr. Hankeys and philosoraptors and presidents saying "Not bad". At the end you find yourself in Mordor after having scared the shit outta you, literally.

The game was easy and not as long as to be boring. It still needs such awesome upgrades as "Rocket Toilet" (the "secret upgrade" there almost killed me laughing that time). Nice music; that simple 8-bit-ish 10 second loop in the main screen and shop was really addicting.

Best 30 minutes of my life.

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3.95 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2012
8:37 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight
  • Daily 5th Place June 26, 2012