The Emergency

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When a man has a life threatening situation, it's up to him to make it to the hospital in time.


All that becouse of a radio?

The animation was done well, you can get somewhere far with it. It had good quality, was fluid, and didn't seem to have many, if any, stutters.
The lip sync was good but the lip animation needs some improvement, otherwise you got that down.
The humor was good overall but I didn't quite get what was happening to the second nurse. Why did she seem to just die and why did she lose an eye and then subsequently get it back and turn into a pile of mush? Was it just to get run over? Maybe I am just overlooking something.
The punchline was kind of... lets say decent but unusual.
The sign in the beginning on the building read hospice, but everyone seems to say hospital. There is a major difference between a hospice and a hospital, just putting that out there. Even though the difference doesn't matter in the joke, try not to mix the two up.
There are continuity errors. E.g., the guy's shirt changes color before he enters the building, the kid's pillow disappeared, and the straps on the doctor's face mask disappear/reappear. I am just nit picky, don't take this to hard, or at all.
To sum things up, I enjoyed most of the flash but there were a few things that just didn't make it 5 star material.

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SwedishPlumTrees responds:

Thanks for watching. This was my 1st time using a microphone, so having a story with dialogue is a bit new to me. As for the nurse who just kind of spazzed out, it was just funny to me. Having her get run over was just icing (to me, but I have a wierd sense of humor). Same as the punchline. It was more of, "I have no idea how to end this" so I just went that route. Also, yeah I now realized I mixed the two up (hospice and hospital). Subconciously maybe? As for the continuity errors, you have a greater eye than I do. Didn't even notice the kid's pillow thing, so thank you. I'll make sure to take greater care before submitting.

Good animation in a lot of it :D just work on da lip syncin man and itd be perfect :)

It's weird, I'll give it that, and moderately funny at a few parts. The animation is better than what I've seen recently, (That shouldn't be TOO encouraging mind you), And is overall good.

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...what? I didn't get it , "When a man has a life threatening situation, it's up to him to make it to the hospital in time." with a radio?

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2.96 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2012
12:22 AM EDT
Comedy - Original