Full House of Zombiea

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The house is full of Zombies!!! Kill them but be carefull, you can kill innocent people!

Use your mouse to shoot the Zombies and get more time by shooting at clocks. If you kill the people you will lose points.


Very good. This game shows a lot of promise. It's very fast paced and quite challenging. I think it could do with a sort of bullet time feature or something, otherwise excellent! Keep up the good work!

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Entertaining for the 1st minute, but it's like playing the 1st level of a game, over and over. Difficulty, monsters, bonuses, nothing ever changes. It just became a game of "shoot some monsters while you're waiting for the clock". Also, the zombie that walks in front of the house, why do I not score any points for that one? It's still a zombie, right?

Good start, but needs some work. Current replayability: 0.

Sorry mate, there was not enough objectives to keep people totally enthralled. It's better than anything i could ever make but it lacks the ability to really stay fun after a few minutes.

A very basic shooting gallery. There's a better version of this on Neopets. Fun, but very little going on.

Lets see: there is no plot, when I click on the achievement button I can't get back to the main screen so I have to refresh the page but the button to the high score page was working, and the big zombie that walks in front is almost impossible to kill if he starts anywhere but the edge opposite of what he is walking towards and even then it is hard to tell if I killed him because by the time I kill him he is close enough to the edge of the screen that he could have just walked off. No obvious pause button either.

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2.69 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2012
8:18 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person