Face Vagina

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This is (word for word) a convorsation I had thru an instant messenger. Made in 2 days! HUGE thanks to Jaxxy for doing the girl voice! Also thanks to my friend

Max Fröjd : http://soundcloud.com/fempixlar
Dowload the song: http://soundcloud.com/itsehffinjae/face-vagina (by Max Fröjd)


its a nice little animation, made me smile allitle, but not ha ha funny as pointed out by alien1375.
first the good stuff
- good voice quality
- nicely animated
- its not pointless :P

the video is cinda straight forward made, with no shading or the like.(not that i was expecting it when made in 2 days, but its a minus none the less.
the style your point/joke and the length of the video is not ideal. the video starts ok, runs ok, ends ok. its not getting better as we watch, but its neither getting worse.

i will give it 2,5 stars. its low but its where newgrounds tells people to put when its between "i like it" and "nothing to new or interesting" so dont hate ^^

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I love this. It's funny cause it's sounds like something that could happen when two friends are talking and not something totally random.

It was ok. Could use more humor in it though man. Like randomness.

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Dude nvm the criticism below, your style is unique and I'm digging it!
Sure, everyone can improve on things, and that comes with time.
Keep rockin these gems, can't wait for the next one!
Stay lifted! :D

I've hesitated to post this review for a while. And have decided to do because I want to see you become 1 of the best animators and content creators out there.

The voice acting needs work. Jaxxy is no exception.

The animation was pretty good, but it would be great if the characters were shaded. (maybe try and do 1 with shading next time and see how it turns out.)

The humour.. well lets just say inside jokes aren't always the best thing to animate about. I don't know about anyone else but I got the feeling like someone said "The Cake is a lie jokes" in a room of older people.

Finally I have 1 last piece of advice.
My friend said to me once "Hey why don't you spend more than 2 days animating something and make something awesome. " So I did and it looked incredible in comparason. Its not a rush to get things out the door.

So just to sum up, Voice acting, Shading and Writing.

Other than that I can't wait to see the next FP jae toon.

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3.39 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2012
8:13 PM EDT
Comedy - Original