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Skill Mini Golf: Egypt

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Author Comments

Click, hold, and release the mouse button to putt the golf ball. The longer the mouse button is held down, the more powerful the shot will be.

If a hole is too difficult, move the mouse over the ring in the upper-right corner and press "give up", which will set your strokes for the hole to 7.

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This is a very relaxing games. But I wish you would put in a slightly longer arrow and maybe a little tutorial for the game. Some music would also be nice.

tertle responds:

Ok - it sounds like music and a tutorial are necessities. Ty for playing.


I thought the controlls were relitivly easy to learn and the game play was exceptional the only defualt i had with the game was that i didnt have any kind of tutorial so i total buffed the first 3 holes
but overall great game

Nothing new here ....pretty basic courses but still fun ....could use a ball roling motion ..... maybe add music to go with the winds SFX ....a bit more details on the slopes of your courses and also on the hole itself and also make the general theme of the course change a bit instead of the same rocks and sand still good job

tertle responds:

Good suggestions. The general theme of the course does change after hole 12. The courses are admittedly basic but unlike most Flash golf games the engine is fluid, the courses are fair and - in some people's opinions - difficult.

I've noticed most professional games layer ambiance on top of music to bring life to the game. I didn't before think of doing this for a Flash game. Speaking of which I should put more effort in the sound part of my games - it's too often ignored by game developers and yet it's arguably easy to implement just change some settings around until everything sounds nice.

I know tl;dr but this matters to me. Thanks for the pointers.