Flaming Jumper

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A dark room with no where to run, your Al a young man who just wants to wake up from this evil place, but canâEUTMt seem to do so, all you can do is run or jump over the evil fire to avoid it or you will be consumed by it!

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Main things:
1) The perspective. You can't tell where the flames will be. About half my deaths so far are because the flame landed on top of me.
2) The jumping. One time, it gets me halfway across the 'board', the next not even one flame. Regardless of how long I hold the space bar.

Minor things:
1) Levels should be put in. Different challenges. Etc.
2) Controls are a bit clunky.

Overall, good concept but nothing too special.

totally not worth the time, but the animation was decent, half a star

Nothing too special, not sure about the music

I thought something different when I read the title. This was something different, I can say I haven't played something like it before. The only problems I had were the fact that it got boring very easily and the music was incredibly repetitive and annoying. I would try using different music, and have a bit more of a storyline, like how the character managed to make it into this place. Also, putting in a controls page would be useful. I didn't know how to move my character for a few minutes. Other than that, it was pretty good.

Sorry man, bad animation + Not really fun at all = 0/5 and 0/5.

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3.19 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2012
3:14 PM EDT