Ball Match

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Match balls of the same colour as they drop with real life physics, use the shuffle feature to mix them up and get more matches.


a subtractive ball game with proper physics. Great as a programming exercise but it makes for a lousy game

While this is not bad, it could use a bit of tweaking. Like fixing the fact that pairs or groups of balls of the same color tend to think their single balls. Other than that, it's a decent little physics game.

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From what I played, this is a block breaker games in which you have to click boxes of matching color and hope you don't get stuck with two different colored blocks in the end... but with balls and physics. I have to say that, while an interesting concept to put physics in the game, it's a little odd at times when the balls seem connected but is not completely so or are connected at a diagonal point. It's also a bit of a nice touch that you have a limit on how many single balls and shakes you have, but I still found myself with the same situation as with other block breaker games: you still found yourself with a couple different colored balls and no single removers... or the balls are too far apart and you're out of shakes. It's a unique concept, I'll give it that, but in the end it still have the same quick end of other block breaking games.

Also, simplistic text-only instructions is simplistic (and if you're OCD, not properly spaced either).

There Are Many Games Like This. It's Still quite good, just nothing new.

I kinda like it, even though it's not really original, except for the shake feature which is pretty cool.
An option to turn the music off would be nice too.

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2.55 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2012
10:07 AM EDT
Puzzles - Falling