Luigi's Adventure Ep 6

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This is the 6th episode of my flash serie. There is a lot of filler in it, but I hope that the end isn't disappointing.


it was great you got potential kid and i like it does me good to see new flash makers joining us (JOIN US!) and i can see you worked hard on this but marios gang script is hard to read keep it times new roman or airport god i love airport man its clear and focused, anyway the sprites are neat and the story is not bad and jst because a flash gets only a few stars dont not mean its bad remeber everyones a critic stamper tom egoraptor and kringles all started out with shitty flash and games but now there good because they pushed themselves :) i belive in you kid i realy realy do ill add you to my favorites to keep a close eye i rated this a 5 but my honest review is here :)

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The aesthetics of this flash suggest to me that you're a high schooler just starting out. It's always good to see video game movies - heck, I started here a decade ago because of Mario Twins. Your work isn't quite there yet, but I can tell you're really trying to make something good. I've been here 10 years and that's half the battle with most people around here. You got a future.

Make it a goal in each new episode to do something significantly better. Maybe it can be redone conversation boxes, with an ability for the viewer to click the box and continue the movie (actionscripting, my boy!). Or, maybe it's original artwork in between the sprite action. It can be just about anything you want really. Experiment!

The artists who push themselves and take risks become the Egoraptors of NG.

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dbzmf2 responds:

Thank you for your helpful review.
I tried to make the viewer click the subtitles box or let the viewer press the SPACEBAR button, but I didn't know how. And I'm still trying to find out how to do it, but I just don't know how. I asked for help on the forum, I got the actionscriptcode, but I still don't know where to place the code. I just want this little mechanism to be like in SMBZ.

It's nice to see good sprite series continued these days. There's not much I can praise about this though. I like the way you have Mario as a villain and Android Mario as a good guy. That's a nice twist. And Peach deciding to eliminate all the fighters, even the good ones in order to protect her kingdom is also very interesting. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how they'll handle the nearly invincible "Peach's Special Fighters".
On to the bad parts. The depth of the story is mismatched to the number of characters. The plot of each episode is nothing more then the heroes and villains fighting. And you keep adding new characters. The next big problem is the text boxes. At this point, all sprite flashes that are text only should have manual controls for the advancing of the text boxes. On top of that, your boxes and font are very small. And white text against a bright colored box makes it even worse. It was very difficult to read Mario's text, especially since you disabled expanding the movie. Choose a font and a size and stick with it for every text box. You can change the color of the text box for the character who's talking, but it's best to use dark backs against bright text. You know, be nice to our eyes.

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I don't like this because it doesn't have dialogue or the classic attitudes of luigi, toad, bowser, peach, etc and the plot is boring and the animation is stolen, practically and the plot is really weird. But because all the rest of your videos have been posted, 2.5 stars.

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Jun 24, 2012
8:51 AM EDT