Apple Jack'd

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This is the 2nd short in a series called Kayla the Klutz. It centers around Kayla Flotsam and the wacky situations she gets into. The shorts are done in a style inspired by classic cartoons, with no dialogue and an emphasis on the animation and action.

Ep. 2: Apple Jack'd

Kayla the klutz goes to extreme measures just to get an apple out of a tree... even though she could easily just go buy one or eat something else.

Note: My apologies for the large file size. I've tried to fix it, but I can't.


you know thi's aint half bad, in face it's pretty damn cute, i like kayla. 5 stars!!! good stuff!

the animation is really smooth and it was kinda funny thats enough to im press me

Why the large file size?

It was short, albeit nicely drawn: Simple, but memorable character/design. The background for the loading screen clearly showed time and effort. This merits a plus!

The jokes are clean and in good taste which I admire, but I think the pacing between the gags could be a little slower. Just a few more frames of anticipation between what she plans to do and when she does it can change the pace of the entire movie. I see she meant to pick an apple using a vacuum cleaner which I found funny, but there's an opportunity to expand on that; perhaps have her go through the trouble of linking multiple extension cords from a power outlet to the spot where she eventually fails at getting her snack. It works, as is, but just slow enough to properly construe what's going on.

Good choice of soundtrack. Made me think of relaxing outdoors, a bit.
The last songs, though, kind of run into each other. The timing of the last track was spot-on with the actions being portrayed.
It made an ideal segue into the credits roll, but because the previous track was still playing, it felt as though the movie ended unexpectedly. The music format may have contributed to the hefty file size. To improve the overall sound quality, I find it's best to export as either MP3 @ 56kbps or higher
ADPCM @ 44khz
The latter being crisp and more filesize-friendly. :3

I hope I was able to help, somehow. Keep animating!

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SmashX5000 responds:

The file size I'm not entirely sure about, to be honest. I assume it has to with the audio though. The music was all MP3, but the sound effects were in wav because I had no way to convert them to mp3. I might use your advice and reupload it with a smaller file size in a bit.

There was a bit more space between some of the gags initially, but I removed some frames before adding music because I felt they went on a bit too long. There seems to be a fine line when it comes to pacing things, I've noticed, and I always seem to end up falling on one side of it or the other, never in the middle. The idea about linking power cords is a good one, wish I had thought of that when I was animating it.

Thanks for the critique. I'll see what I can do about the filesize, and I'll keep this stuff in mind for future animations.

Poor Kayla, i hope she will be alright, the presentation sets the theme of being cuddly and innocent,
the Animation was pretty good! the sound effects were what i could describe as vocal noise and some other sound clips.
The colour and presentation along with direction of story was well planned and top notch!

SmashX5000 responds:

She'll be fine. She may not have the best luck, but she bounces back quickly.

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4.01 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2012
9:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Original