Stick Runner

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You are just a random kid who wants to get to the top of a tower. Too bad whoever built this thing like to make challenges and troll people :/. Have Fun !
This is just a beta, new versions with new levels will be coming out!


I was wall jumping, and an add came up... noo...

O MY STUPID MFER evanthepanther how could you write a review that lng i dont think anyone cna read that review less than 10minutsXD

This game is somewhat addicting. It looks drawn, but I can see that is the game's style, because the background is a sheet of paper. It would probably be more addicting if it had more color and/or enemies. Here are the pros and cons.

Right Click > Full Screen
Down = Sliding
Right Click > Show Profiler

No Storyline
Game's in Black & White (Not to be racist)
Only enemies are spikes
@eventhepanther: Are you trying to make UnagileFart make a copied version of SMB? (From what u said from line 7-23).

no stars. I ran into a bug where it forced the player to go right at all times. this is probably due to the fact that ads were popping up all over the place. get rid of the ads, and the game might be a little fun. if you keep the ads around you might as well just play with a piece of paper and a block of wood and call it paper wood. because paper is actually made out of mulched wood it would be like playing with something in the future and its old cousin from the past. I didn't like the animation of the little running guy either. He needs to have at least a couple more frames to his animation. also some spike enemies, and a dinosaur to ride would be great. the background could even be something like a cartooney thing where the hills and things have faces. I'd also like to be able to see the sky up there. the ground and blocks should really be made of sprites instead of lines so it makes it seem more real. The whole stickman thing is played out. If you add other things (maybe even ninjas) it would begin to be a very big thing and you could become something that you only have dreamed to be. Oh, and the music. maybe hire a prominant asian composer to actually write some sheet music out for the theme song and overworld and sub stages (including an underground stage, maybe got to by a pipe warp system). You could also add a story into the game so its not just a stick guy running around like crazy. I'm thinking you could have the new ninja guy maybe going to rescue someone from an evil thing. Maybe the person that needs to be rescued could be a princess? Like with blonde hair and a PEACH colored dress? Then the evil guy has to be the complete opposite of that... So, maybe an overgrown dinosaur that looks like he has a spikey turtle shell on his back (make this red, with green skin). Then you could add things like sub-bosses, maybe his family, or his children? The Dino guy could live in a castle so he has someone where to take the princess too. This also means that each of his children would get a castle also. Then after you beat each of his children (aka the sub bosses) you could have a little cut scene showing the character destroy the castle in comical ways. Now, what if someone has a friend that wants to join in on the fun!? You could recolor the main character a complimentary color and make him a family member of the main character just like the bosses and sub-bosses! Maybe a cousin, or a brother or something. Hmm lets try to think of what else you could add. Oh! you always have to think about expansion DUDE! So maybe you could have a 2nd game where the riding dino carries the baby main character around? Then when your programming skills get better you could maybe do a 3D version. But you know that you'd have to expand with a few 3D sequals of course. Maybe the ninja could have a backpack in one of them that shoots goo or something, and you have to run around a little mountain and spray the goo to plant flowers or something? Then after that you could go retro and make one game thats a pseudo-3D game! sort of like isometric where you normally play sidescrolling but can push a button and move around on the depth plane. There are really tons and tons of different things you can expand on here MAN. You've got to think out of the box to with things like running fast and using that speed to kill enemies. Maybe even throw some coins in there so when you get hit you lose coins instead of health/life. But for some reason I think that would fit better with a robotic boss and all robot enemies that were turned into robots somehow. OH OH the first ideas! you could add an educational element into them as well for the "little tykes" maybe do like a "oh no MR NINJA is gone!" game and the ninjas bro/cousin has to look around the world using historical clues and geographic clues to find his cousin (or brother). This would be fun i guess. after a while maybe your ninja guy could cameo in another game and fight with a bunch of other game cahracters, that would be cool, and something new to do... a platformer/fighting game! I THINK THAT ROCK!

not really good it has advertisements in mid game and and the controls are clunky

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2.57 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2012
11:09 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop