Pleasure Island 4

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Thank you all the people who kept telling me to make this. If it wasn't for your incessant badgering I might never have mustered the willpower to do it.

I made a bit over half of this in 2010, straight after making Pleasure Island 3, but then my computer had some kind of memory aneurysm and Flash corrupted the working file. I was able to salvage most of what I'd done, but even so I lost a fair bit. So yeh, sorry for the 2 year wait. Enjoy!

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Not as good or nearly as funny as the previous 3. But it’s still good for what it is. Please make a part 5.

ME AND MY FRIENDS REALLY DO enjoy this video sorry forgot caps lock was on.

I still want a full length series for this. At least six 30 minute episodes. I'm sure the people who like Venture Bros. or Archer would eat this up.

I swear dude, best series of all time

This is still my favorite movie on Newgrounds by far. It forever holds a place in my heart. A black, tarry place. With a mini fridge.