Sexy Soldier FAILor Moon

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Update 6/27: Oh man, frontpage! Thank you! :) And yay positive reception. Thank you very much ;3;

In between working on webcomics and Fenada 002, I got nostalgic for old school anime. Thanks to spanio, lefthandedsock, jaxxy, and tomamoto for all the help! :)

Also available on Youtube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrZuB1V0mGk

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short sweet & too the point TAKE THAT SAILORMOON!!! XD not bad : )

I liked it, but a few more sound effects and a voice for the other chica would have been nice at the beginning.

This is funny, but really really short and quite predictable...

Great job for the animation BTW

ah, so this is why superman just takes off the clothes he's wearing over his outfit xD but haha it gave me a laugh, nice job xD

Haha, I saw the show when I was a kid. I saw all the flaws in this serires, and to see them revisited again in this video is priceless. After you(as the protagonist, ugh) say your random anti-villain bullshit, you transform, which is a lengthy process. While you're attempting to change into your clothes, your'e dancing around like an idiot in a pschadelic background, while your foe is checking the time, texting, or sleeping out of boredom. Then you barf because of motion sickness. By that time, your foe has already achieved the objective and you would be an epic fail. If I were the monster, I'd beat the shit out of her and say, "Enough of this bullshit! I'm not going to wait for you, so Imma kick ur ass." Like one guy said, it's transformations like these that leave us all dead and destroyed.

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Jun 22, 2012
8:32 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody