FrogMan the Series Episode 5

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EDIT: 5-25-14 I have uploaded a video version as well, so now, if anyone even cares, this should now be able to be viewed on a mobile device. I even took the time to fix all the problems with the newgrounds version and the youtube version, so the video version of this is now the most high quality, and best version of episode 5, so enjoy that!


Well, after over a year of on and off production, I proudly present FrogMan the Series episode five. It may not seem too long since the last episode was on newgrounds, but trust me, this episode has been being worked on since June of 2011. I have had several problems that contributed to the extreme delay of this episode. For a full description of it, read the description of the youtube version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03Brx6e5TyE

If the writing and voice acting seem outdated, this episode was written almost two years ago, and the voice acting was done over a year ago, we have gotten a lot better since then.

This episode is a perfect example of how someone can change in visual style, and abilities in a year. From the end of the store scene and up is all new, animated this year. So the first half might not look too spectacular.
But enough about that.


Title: The Vacation Part One: The Sweet Sweet Beginning

Run Time: 9:33

Air Date: 6/21/12

Description: (Part 1 of 3) Learning that there are no eggs to make breakfast, the Terrible Toad gladly goes to do the simple task to get eggs, but finds out he has no money left, and is forced to get a job as a bag boy. Meanwhile,Wise Frog and Toady go on vacation.

There might be some desync issues, just try to ignore them. I have gone through so many problems with the episode, and in flash those parts are in sync, I even had to fix it, but for some reason my work seems to be for nothing. But yeah, enjoy.

Oh, just in case anyone is wondering. During the song, Shawn and Ethan are characters that haven't really shown up yet, only mentioned in episodes. Pretty sure they start showing up sometime in season one...

If you're wondering why there's such a long gap of blackness between the main credits and the logos, I have no clue, flash decided to eat my credits for some reason. What did not show is as followes:

(continuation of cast)
Cop 2- Billy Stevenson
Pedestrian- Alexander Jimenez
Old Lady- Alexander Jimenez
Bag Boy- Alexander Jimenez
Cashier- Alexander Jimenez
Radio- Alexander Jimenez
Chick Frog- Amanda Stevenson
Additional art
Alexander Jimenez
Sound Track
Pina Colada Song (Escape)- Rupert Holmes
Sound Effects
Mach Entertainment

Somehow found this and want more? Follow my twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/xArtistunknown
There's also a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FrogManTheSeries

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I think this is slowly improving.

The animation looked nice. The style is slowly getting better with time as I see it. I also liked how there was a background event at the store, very small, but noticeable. That car parking in the distance with the person walking in. Would say it was the old psycho lady but her car is white and already parked.

Also, as time goes along, getting the coloring for your characters worked out would be good. As in shading in where the light would not be during the scenes will be good practice for improving your animation skills.

The story was entertaining in my opinion. Having to make money for eggs then getting held hostage by a psycho before remembering he had superpowers was funny. Then having to work to make three dollars to pay for eggs was humorous, seems he can't catch a break eh? Then Wise Frog and Tony chilling out at the hotel was also good. The clerk's reaction at the end remember who was in 22B was nice.

The credits however could be fixed a bit. Having the titles for each person playing a role centered then the person's name to the left seems a bit messy.

The audio will also improve with time I hope. I can accept the radio having background noise. However, the rest could get some noise filtering, as in making a noise profile in Audacity when recording or simply trying to find a quieter and more closed space to record voices and sounds.

Overall, improving but I think you can do better.

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artistunknown responds:

I can definitely do better nowadays, and this really makes me want to continue with episode 6 now :3.
I like putting in little details like the car parking and other stuff, just to see if people notice them, throwing in little eastereggs like that is always fun. I honestly can't remember if I had in mind who was driving the car though.
I'll try to work on my coloring and shading for the next episode and future animations. From what I have of the next episode, I think I did a better job coloring.
I'm glad the story was entertaining, this is part 1 of a 3 part story-arc, so the story continues in episode 6. Maybe I'll actually have the time and motivation to get it out next year.
I see what you mean with the credits. They actually look a lot better on the video version (which is on youtube :/) and the credits here was my poor attempt at replicating that flash, and clearly it didn't turn out well, flash even decided to not show a lot of text I had written in them. I have managed to fix this problem since though, so my credits look a lot nicer now.
The quality of the voice acting, recording, and my sound management, has greatly improved over time. We even have a good, sound proof place to record lines now, so hopefully that will be an improvement. Typically there isn't a problem with noise in the recordings, but I'll keep the noise profile thing in mind. And the noise for the radio was actually intentional, to make it sound more like it was coming from a cheap radio ;).
Thank you for the review, it really helps, and I hope that when episode six is finally complete, it does not disappoint.

I thought this deserved a proper review.

It's certainly interesting to see how much the art and animation progressed from the beginning towards the end of the episode. It's a big improvement.

Something that I think you should work on - and it's most obvious in the very first scene - is your color choices. Sometimes they look bleak and dull, and I really believe that with some nicer colors, you will notice a huge improvement in how the scene looks. A perfect example is the very first scene.

I don't really like the gray wall, though I understand that this can't be fixed, since it'd result in some continuity errors. The chairs are the same shade of brown as the table, and having two similar colors very close to each other doesn't really look good. A trick that I used to do, is that for objects like tables, boxes, etc. where you could see the top, bottom and side, I'd give them all slightly different shades. It actually makes a big difference. Try sites like colorcombo for premade color schemes. I use color schemes from there sometimes, and it really looks good.

I noticed that when you were moving around the arm joints in the animation, some of them didn't really have easing, which made it look choppy and bad, for lack of a better word.

I did notice that you took a few shortcuts, like not actually animating the cops getting out (or getting back in) the car, and that's acceptable, though even just sticking a few extremes together would probably be better than not animating it at all.

More nitpicking: The paper landing on Terrible Toad (I think) wasn't really well animated, since the wind is carrying it, the easing varies, so I'd have it start slow in the beginning and then speed up and have it hit his face. Typically when animating things like these (paper being carried in the wind, leaf being carried in the wind, etc) it's best to redraw it. (Will send you leaf animation I did in a bit)

The best scene in this was the old lady scene, hands down.

artistunknown responds:

Slow down man, the me of the past can't comprehend all these animating terms you're using. Hell, I'm still not sure what easing is, but I'm sure I know how to properly do it :3
Anyways, I have noticed that some of my color choices are a bit bland, and I have tried improving this. I even used different shades of brown for the table and chairs in Cinco de Gayo, so I think I improved that a little bit. I need to stop relying on those primary swatches I guess. I'll definitely try to make everything (even the characters) look more visually appealing in the new content of episode 6, even if it causes continuity errors.
I think the paper being poorly animated should have been expected at this point, since I was still new to flash and using this horrid way of lazily animating. I'm pretty sure I know how to properly animate something being carried by the wind now, though I don't think I've actually done it yet. So yeah, examples would be nice.
While I do like the old lady scene and think it was the best handled (I even had to redo parts of it including where the old lady turns because flash crashing) I still think the part when "Escape" is playing is the best bit of the episode because it's such a dramatic change in quality. But whatevs, that's just me :p. Thanks for the review Icy, I didn't know you had it in ya ;)

pretty funny why not make frogman fight pico in a dirty alley, for not throwing away the trash that pico threw on that already dirty alley!

It was a little entertaining at the start.
However, the voice actors didn't really show any kind of emotion.
The animation was nice. I noticed lots going on in the background (suicide, parking car, etc) and I found that to be really neat.

But I gotta say, the constant beeping, absolutely ruined it for me.
If you're gonna go overly vulgar (I'm looking at you, "ABC song") don't censor yourself.

But yea, I stopped at that song. I just couldn't stand hearing an annoying beep every few seconds. I don't find excessive vulgarity funny either, but that's just me.

artistunknown responds:

It's a shame you stopped when you did, because it get's better after that. And about the censoring, the point is to make it feel like it's on TV, of course this is kind of useless on newgrounds, but meh, I have my own personal preferences. The voice actors didn't put much effort because the voices were recorded well over two years ago.
Well, at least you like the varying things going on in the background. I didn't think anyone would notice those little tidbits. I promise the next episode will be better (really after this one the writing gets so much better, although it gets more vulgure :/). Hopefully you'll try to watch the next one when it comes out, but nonetheless, thanks for the review.

Good plot and decent artwork. Nicely done with this animation.

artistunknown responds:

Thanks. I know the art work could have been better in some places, but I had already put enough work into it, so yeah. Thanks for the review :D

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