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Hank Hanky: Work

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Got a question? Dial 530-ITS-HANK

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I have a feeling Hanky here was probably inspired a bit in part by Foamy...as it's just as entertaining to hear him rant compared to the old foul-mouthed squirrel!

im huge fan of ths guy (:

the video is great! it was funny and well animated. it also has some GREAT advice.

i tried calling the number but it said it was disconnected.

Hmm. I agree. Most people really hates their work and just go to work so they can earn money, so they can afford to live. Living is expensive. And I don't think people want to work just so they can watch tv, but yea, you can't even watch tv without having any income. I want to work to earn money to make my own computer games. Yea, working to afford getting a job where you probably won't get much income. Sounds silly. Still, I want to be able to work with what I like and what I'm educated for. I just need a bit start capital, so no. It's not to just sit home and watch tv.

I'll keep that in mind, thanks Hank!
Great animation Ross.