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ARROWS to move

WASD to fire

SPACE to plant (in soil).

ENTER to call all onscreen NPC's to current position

The player has two resources- seeds and fruit from a variety of different genetically-modified crops. The fruit acts as weapons, and the seeds can be used to grow more fruit.

The objective of the game is to assist in the escape of non-player characters. This is accomplished by defeating their enemies, or guiding them away from their enemies.


The dialogue at the beginning goes by way too fast, although I like the skip option some people follow the story line. And, one quick question, why do I explode (with way more blood than any human could have) when I touch a pig? A PIG?!?!

Why when I touched the pig I explode?

Revilossor responds:

HAHA, it a horrific, monstrous, terrifying mutant pig. With nasty sharp pointy teeth.

But i accept one hit kills are probably a bit harsh. I'll make things a bit more forgiving in next game.

Cheers for playing.

Some of the art reminds me of minecraft, nice game.

Revilossor responds:

Yeah i was a bit worried about that - i drew the pig, and was gonna do sheep and cows but thought that might be pushing it a bit! Thanks for playing!

It´s an okay game, but it does not have anything special over it (except for the story). And at the beginning, i did not have time to read all the text before it was gone. With some fixes, it could earn 3-3.5 stars from me. Remember to never give up, i´m sure you are going to make a big game some day.

Revilossor responds:

wow, thanks! I might make all text like the stuff you're talking about stay on screen untill the player presses 'ok' in the future then. Cheers for the feedback, and thatks for playing.

the concept is great but poorly executed the controls are clunky the people dont follow you they just run around aimlessly even after pushing enter relentlessly.

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Revilossor responds:

Yeah, i was gonna just make them follow a la Cannon fodder, but then collecting npc's as soon as they left the buildings sort of overewhelmed the rest of the game. Take your point though - they sometimes just blindly turn round to go back to the path and walk right into pigs.

Thanks for the feedback, hope you enjoy my next game more.

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3.13 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2012
8:37 AM EDT
Action - Other