The Fat Anime Collab 5

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The Fat Anime Collab Part 5.

This is the 5th in the series. Parts by Fatbadger, Brick-toppp, Golfinho and Flee.

It features fat anime style women. Cake in your vagina anyone? Wanna see me rub my dick?

Special thanks go out to all the people on the internet who drew these pictures and made this collab possible. All images are the property and copyright of their respected creators and/or owners. If you don't like your art being laughed at then you probably shouldn't have put it all over the Internet?

Zekey for starting this series.
Tom Fulp for supporting this series (except for part one which was deleted 4+ years after it was uploaded, why didn't you protect it Tom?)

WARNING!! Contains fat anime chicks, some of them are naked, not for the squeamish. or for people who find fat people depressing.

Honk Honk!

update: thanks Tom for the frontpage. Hope you dont get too many upset PMs from whiny NG users.

NG reviewers, please leave more reviews like "why is this on the front page" and "this is shit" as they are very helpful and constructive. They will help make the "Fat Anime collab" series have a better plot and amazing Pixar like animation in the future.

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fat people scare me

Cracked me up the first time I watched it, though not to the point where I almost pass out (as the most funny things make me do). It's good for a snicker now and then. I really want to find out what the end credits song is. -___- ...I also want to know why that carrot-finger guy is familiar. The first couple of sketches were gold, at least one of them looking like it was done by Golfinho. Some of the obese anime chicks were kind of cute in a "haha funny" way, and of course the constant fart humor had to get me the first couple times. After that it'll take a while before it's funny again, but good job: you made me crack up for more than ninety percent of something.

I was expecting someone with a big, red, nutsack jerking off, but this is Ok.

Also Tom Preston.

let me guess, everyone is dead by heart disease

Another Amazing collab of fat anime women and other disgusting oddites

I wonder if you guys can pull of another one in the future and if I had to pick favorites the Chun-li one would totally take the cake hands down (Pun maybe intended) That said great job guys!

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Jun 21, 2012
10:21 PM EDT