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Groupies Zombie

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survive or die

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The game is okay in general but, the graphics are a little chunky. The zombies are moderately easy but, at a higher level on of the basic zombies took 100 shots. So i'm thinking it was a glitch. Also I don't see what the money is used for. The game also seems to make ammo pretty scarce(which is fine) and would be cool to have more of a story to it making the game a bit more immersive. Not sure if this is your first game so I'll give you one star for game and give you a higher game rating if it is your first. Just try and work on it more and re-post the game.

I like the idea, but the controls are off

The game play is ok but needs alot more work on it like a shop, more gun, and a lot more. If you had more content it be a much better game then it is now also get more better comments as will.


This wasn't bad, I liked it. But a couple of issues. Maybe I missed something, but it seems that the cash is useless. I made it to wave 10 and found nothing to spend the money on.

Also, the only reason I didn't make it past wave 10 was my game glitched. I could still move around, but couldn't aim. The zombies kept coming though, and when I'd fire at them it would leave little gold lines in front of me that the zombies could walk through but I couldn't.