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Drone Assault

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50 Copters Destroyed! 10 Points

Serves them right, those haughty machines. With their fancy propellers!

50 Missiles Destroyed! 10 Points

Now they can't harm anyone! Except for civilians directly beneath the wreckage of course.

50 Rocketmen Destroyed! 10 Points

It's going to be a long long time until they, uh. Live again.

1000 Shots Fired! 25 Points

You've proven your dedication by firing over 999 times! 1000 times, to be exact.

25 Transports Destroyed! 25 Points

What were they transferring? Apparently, bullets, points and time itself!

250 Targets Destroyed! 25 Points

We don't care what the targets were. We just appreciate your destroying them!

30000 Points In One Play! 25 Points

You've cleared whole waves and gotten a string of kills! Nice job!

50 Noobsters Destroyed! 25 Points

Why are they called noobsters? Look at how they fly. You think pros are piloting those?

50 Spazzes Destroyed! 25 Points

Fun fact: they aren't actually all that spazzy.

500 Shots Landed! 25 Points

You've proven you're either aiming, or are dedicated enough that aim doesn't matter!

Played 10 Minutes! 25 Points

But can you play for 30 minutes!? Probably, but there's no medal for that.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Blast apart enemies you don't recognize for a military you don't recall joining in a land you've never heard of!

Clear whole waves for experience and a more powerful drone!

Beat your high score!

Over 40 distinct waves, 15 levels, and a variety of enemies!

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Final level, finally! Sure took a while to reach that last level! The medals don't feel very balanced that way, with the huge gap between all and the last two, but the gameplay itself is as balanced as it can get. Great variation in enemies and scores, though the pop-over notices for extra ammo/score are a bit in the way if you finish a wave late, and the next one is right after. Also, seems the more I play this, the more it starts lagging. But a browser restart and it's OK again, seems like maybe a little memory leak there? Anyway, game itself: love it. It's arcade gaming as it's best, challenging but rewarding; not difficult to get into or keep going with. Good game.


I'm just glad this saves data, as I had to close and re-open to refresh and get rid of some lag.

After all was said and done, I got all medals and 189K score.

Not bad at all bro, had fun and didn't mind anything, just good for me

Didn't find it enjoyable. There was nothing to encourage me to spend my ammo wisely, given that the game plays in a mostly static loop loop. The stats menu felt a little cluttered, and I wasn't given any motivation to continue leveling. It didn't seem to do much.

The side comments in the stats menu referring to the game's plot are almost depressing. I would have left out the plot. It's okay for a game to play in an infinite loop without having to justify why it does.

I'm not sure what you were going for. Was this experimental in some way? I'd love to hear more about the game and your motivation behind it. I was looking forward to a good shooter.

VictorGrunn responds:

I think "experimental" is an interesting way to put it. Not like "artistically experimental" like I'm some kind of performance artist, but literally "this is the second code project I've ever made, and the first time I've ever bothered making art since years ago. Both in terms of what the player sees (the art, the UI, the game concept, etc) and what they don't (the actual code, the inheritance layout, etc), a lot of this is me experimenting with programming and art."

Pretty much everything you saw in this game was a new programming or creating experience for me. The explosions? I had to sit down, watch countless explosion animations over and over to figure out the art-logic, figure out a way to replicate these, figure out a way to get them properly aligned on a sprite sheet, figure out a way to smooth out this process (Draw in art program layer by layer -> export to Flash, arrange on frames -> export SWF -> SWF to PNG conversion). The enemy patterns? Picking up an AS3 bezier program, figuring out the fundamental code (how do I make the pattern stop once the enemy is dead? etc). Even something as basic as adding Kong/Newgrounds Badges and achievements was pretty new (I had achievements in Electrikill, the code system was a nightmare. It was really, really bad. This time? Vastly better.)

So yeah, if you want to know what was going on with this game, it's not "Hey, Victor thought this was a fantastic game - what was he thinking!?" It's more that this was a project that involved me trying to learn a lot of things - success, I've learned them! But by the time I sorted a lot of it out, the development time had taken too long, I felt like I had to wrap this up and call it "done" no matter what just to move on to the next project, etc.

So the good news - for me - is that working on and finishing this got me most of what I wanted: I learned a lot of things I wanted/needed to learn, the game was (in a programming and UI sense) vastly better than my previous, and the skills I learned here have made it vastly easier to produce better games, faster. The bad news is that my cutting development early resulted in a pretty 'meh' game, and I cut a lot of features I absolutely know would have made this game more fun because I just wanted it done.

About the only thing I'll stand by is the end-of-round comments. I thought some of those were fun! I mean, yes, they tend to play off the game's shortcomings, even the genre's shortcomings, but I like a little self-deprecating humor now and then.

Either way, thanks for the playing and the feedback! I mean that, it really is appreciated.

This game was awful. The gun was complete shit, there's no way you could shoot down everything on screen before they made it across. It was hard as hell to aim it on the things, especially the floating guys. Over all this game was awful, never going to play it again.

VictorGrunn responds:

Yep, it's pretty hard! Thanks for the rating anyway. I'm not going to pretend this was a fantastic game - the enemies get easier to clear out as you level, and the wave types vary - some are easier than others.

Much appreciated! (That's sincere. You gave useful feedback.)