Kagemono: The Shadow Folk

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My fourth year film at Calarts!


I got the impressian that u cant judge a book by its cover.The dark skeleton dog was trying to save him.I LUV THIS i want more like this if u can!!

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Loved it! so cuuute XD This kinda teaches us a lesson doesn't it? He saw the Bone, type doggy thing was hostile because of its "Bone, and dark flamey" Body. When he actualy wanted to save him. Shows us we should give more people the benefit of the doubt. (Imean, he did grab him through his tail, and was dragging him, so he had the right to be afraid) BUT NONE THE LESS! AWESOME!

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all though the sheer flow of this animation piece made me feel jealous that my animation skill is pure nothingness i have to give you credit for your skill even as an amateur animator. well done and salutation, rival. =3

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Awwwe.... I love this strip of film so much! But putting my personal feelings aside, I'll review it.

Personally, the animation style just... makes me want to smile. I mean, honestly, even though at times the line composition wasn't exactly smooth, it fit perfectly well with the style of the animation. I had a strange sense that it was a type of Asian animation style, from the way that the foxes colors were animated. tHey had a solid structure. ((and, you know, the language appearing in it.))

Right off of the bat I fel tlike I was watching one of those enjoyable short stories that used to appear on television. The ones with a meaning. And from what I can see, the moral of this story seems to be that you shouldn't judge things as soon as you see them. Once the fox saw the shadowy skeleton creature, it automatically presumed that its structure and colors meant it was a threat and thus untrustworthy. Thus, it runs off. However, after the strange dog creature ((from teh ears, I would assume it's a hyena or canine of some sorts in the wild)) kills the mouse and returns the fox's colors to it, the fox trusts it more and sees it as a friend rather than a predator.

What also caught my attention was the story and how it was depicted- I mean the animation was nearly flawless. Especially as the fox walked back and forth around the tree, investigating where the mouse was. However, during that scene something felt off. Maybe the background wasn't moving at the same speed as the rotating tree? I can't help but fill as if something more should have been done, to make it seem like it was moving. However, as an amateur animator, I also need to learn such skills. I rarely ever animate from anything other than a 2D perspective, and only produce animations on doink due to my lack of materials. In which case, I loved how the frames neatly came together. SO in a sense this was a learning experience just as much as it was a critical analysis.

Well done to you all, and I hope to see more!

So freaking cute. Im a guy and I loved the story and the animation style. I agree that this should be made into a movie or even a series.

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Jun 21, 2012
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